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Oh hello, there. This week we’re coming at you with an out of touch Vatican (shock!), greedy dictators (double shock), Danish xenophobia (boo!) and black box recovery (yay!). So it’s a mixed bag, full of surprises. Hunker in and please enjoy this week’s edition of the European roundup.
France: Black box and voice recorder recovered in AirFrance Crash
Authorities are hoping that in the next few weeks a definitive answer can be given for the still rather mysterious crash from 2009. The recorders are said to be in good condition despite being the ocean for almost two years. Read more

Germany: Terror suspects arrested
For the first time, officials have arrested three individuals in Germany, who maybe directly linked to al Qaeda. Investigation into this so-called “Düsseldorf Cell” is ongoing with the help of the CIA. Read more.

Germany: Open labour markets
Seven years after most of the other EU countries, Germany has opened its labour market to the Eastern European countries, which joined the EU in 2004. Germans fear that cheap labour will now ruin their job chances and countries such as Poland are worried about a possible “brain drain.” Read more.

Hungary: Roma facing violence
Extremist groups are threatening Hungarian Roma more and more. While the government seems to protect the right-wing extremists and looks the other way, the Roma suffer from the open violence against them. Read more.

Denmark: Noma best restaurant in the world
For the second time in a row, the Danish restaurant Noma has been declared the best restaurant in the world. Noma, which is short for “Nordic Food” in Danish, has boosted the Nordic food trend that is based on local ingredients all over the country. Read more.

Denmark: Government will base immigration on person’s value
Yes, you did read right. The Danish government has presented a study that has calculated the worth of immigrants. Unsurprisingly, the results are in line with the Danish People’s Party’s rhetoric (who was the party that demanded the study) and non-western immigrants are now seen as a cost only. Immigration Minister Søren Pind comments: “Now that we can see that it does matter who comes into the country, I have no scruples in further restricting those who one can suspect will be a burden on Denmark.” Read more.

Spain: Madrid court convicts Somali pirates
Two Somali men have been sentenced to 439 years in prison for hijacking a Spanish fishing boat in 2009. The boat was seized in the Indian Ocean and held for over forty days. It was alleged that 3.3 million dollars were paid in ransom although the Spanish government officially denies it. Read more.

Switzerland: Over 1billion in assets discovered for Gaddafi, Mubarak, and ben Ali
Did you know that dictators often embezzle and funnel away money from the people into their own private bank accounts? Shocking, I know. Apparently Switzerland recently discovered these accounts and will be freezing them for three years. Why just three years? Read more.

UK: Ian Tomlinson unlawfully killed during G20
Ian Tomlinson was a newspaper seller who, when headed home from work during the G20 protests, was struck in the stomach with a baton and died from the related injuries. It is now ruled that the police were responsible for his death. Read more.

Vatican: The world is shocked as they host Mugabe
The President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, is currently being hosted by the Vatican. This has caused substantial outrage as Mugabe has been accused of numerous crimes against humanity. While Mugabe is banned from travelling Europe, the out-of-touch tiny state has gotten him in on a technicality. Read more.

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