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Your Weekly European Roundup

OK, so this week is pretty good. We have Olympic athletes digging holes on beaches and almost dying as a result, a fantastic article on the doomed AirFrance Flight and the newest developments there, Germany has some nice economic horizons to look forward to, and a Nazi trial is underway in Hungary. Read all about it, right here, on this week’s European Roundup.
Austria: Olympic athlete Jakub Maly rescued on beach
Who hasn’t dreamed of digging a giant hole in the sand? Well, Mr. Maly did, then he jumped in, then it collapsed around him and he had to be rescued. Which sounds humorous until you read he was buried up to his neck in the sun for 2 hours. Read more.

Bosnia: Facing crisis
The country seems to be balancing on the brink of stability. Serbs are accused of violating the Dayton Agreement, which ended the Bosnian war in 1995. An Austrian diplomat was quoted as saying that Serbia has continued to openly question the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Bosnia. Read more.

France: What happened to AirFrance 447?
This is one of the best articles I’ve read so far on the updates and back story behind the crash of AirFrance Flight 447 from Rio to Paris in 2009. The black boxes have been found and are currently undergoing tests in Paris, with updates expected in the coming weeks. Read more.

Germany: Exports at an all time high
The German economy grew by over 3% last year. This article explores the differences between Asian exports, American and German, and why Germany is suceeding. Read more.

Hungary: Nazi war crime trail gets underway
Sandor Kepiro is now on trial for the slaying of a number of Serbian Jews during WWII. He contests these charges saying that he has always lived a decent life, did not target Jews, and even saved lives during the war. This is likely one of the last Holocaust trials of our time. Read more.

Portugal: Set to sink into a recession for a good two years
Major structural reforms to Portugal’s economy have experts warning that the country will sink into a recession for the next few years. Numerous protests have taken place regarding the issue. Read more.

Mediterranean: 61 people left to die by NATO and European forces
In the most disgusting news you’ll read today (I guarantee it), NATO and allied European forces let a ship of 72 people drift in the Mediterranean for 16 days, hearing, and yet ignoring, their cries for help. All but 11 died of starvation and thirst. Read more.

Scotland: Major wins for Left-wing populist party
The Scottish National Party (SNP) is a pro-independent and anti-nuclear party that pretty much just destroyed every other party in the race. Although this hardly garnered any international news, Steve Hynd explains why you should care. Read more.

Sweden: Salvation Army doesn’t want any of your gay
An undercover reporter caught the leading members of Sweden’s Salvation Army saying that, “Being gay was a sin,” and offering to help the reporter pray away the gay. So there’s that. Read more.

UK: Tony Blair misappropriated funds meant for disadvantaged children
Who hasn’t spent 400,000 pounds marked for children’s development on a private office snuggled in a 5-star Jerusalem hotel? I might have accidentally done that last Sunday. Read more.

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