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This week, more often than not, I was incredibly angry with what is going on in the world. Denmark wants to put border controls back up ““ oh, and they also want to cherry-pick immigrants and an opposition leader and his wife were sentenced by court in Belarus. Luckily, things like a beard world championship and the Eurovision Song Contest could make me smile a little.


Belarus: Opposition in Belarus is facing hard times

Andrei Sannikov, the opposition leader who was up for election against Alexander Lukashenko, has been sentenced for five years in prison. The reason? His part in the protests after Lukashenko won the, very likely rigged, election. Additionally, his wife and journalist, Irina Khalip, was sentenced to two years of suspended jail yesterday. Read more here and here.

Denmark: Border controls up, please

The Danes seem incredibly afraid of the world outside their borders at the moment and are looking to build a bubble for themselves. This, at least, is my explanation for why they now want to re-instate border controls at the German and Swedish borders. The government seems to think that it’ll lower international crime. The police, funnily enough, does not agree. Read more.


Denmark: Cherry picking foreigners

Additionally to putting border controls back up, Søren Pind, the Immigration Minister now also wants to immigrants from developed countries better than the rest. So, if a Dane marries an American, everything will be nice and easy for the family. If a Dane is so silly to marry a Brazilian, well, not so much. Read more.


Germany: Limiting information exchange with US intelligence

After an American drone killed German Islamists in Waziristan, possibly based on information from Germany, the German government will now restrict the kind of information that will go further to the US. Read more.

Germany/Norway: Beard world champion

Germany won seven medals in the latest beard world championship and just one medal behind was the USA. Check out the pictures at the link ““ the beard with sculptured moose really is quite impressive! Read more.


Germany: Azerbaijan wins Eurovision Song Contest

In a tight race, Azerbaijan managed to squeeze past Sweden and Italy. Quite impressive for the country that only took part for the first time in 2008. So next year, Europe will visit Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan. Read more.


Italy: Knox in court again

Amanda Knox, after being convicted for murder, is now facing charges for slandering police officers. If found guilty, this could extend her 26-year-jail term. Also her parents will have to face slander charges, their process will begin in July. Read more.


Switzerland: Foreigners can continue to travel to the country to die

In a recent referendum, the Swiss population was asked, among others, whether foreigners also in the should be able to travel to Switzerland for assisted suicide. 80% were against limiting this practice to only the Swiss. Read more.


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