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Trivia Answer-o-Rama

It’s really nice to know that I’m not the only one out here who likes this stuff.  You guys were awesome with all your answering.  Many of you even went for bonus points with the Greek to Roman counterparts.  For the sake of completion, here are all the answers:

1.  The god of thunder, a.k.a the king of the gods?  Zeus

2.  The goddess of marriage, a.k.a. The queen of the gods?  Hera

3.  The god of the sea? Poseidon

4.  The god of the underworld? Hades

5.  The god of wine and ecstasy? Dionysus

6.  The virgin goddess of the hunt and the moon? Artemis

7.  Her brother, the god of the sun and prophesy? Apollo

8.  The god of the forge? Hephaestus

9.  His wife, the goddess of love? Aphrodite

10. The god of messengers and thieves? Hermes

11.  The goddess of wisdom? Athena

12.  The mother of our beloved Persephone, the goddess of the harvest? Demeter

13.  The god of war? Ares

14.  The goddess of the hearth. Hestia

15.  The god of wild places. Pan

*Bonus – No one really talks about the Queen of the Sea, but the King of the Sea was in fact married to a goddess, do you know who she is? Amphitrite (I’m not going to lie to you, I don’t remember her from my reading of classical mythology.  I know her more from the Percy Jackson books and a brief mention in Tanya Huff’s Summon the Keeper)

From what I can see, the big twelve gods and goddesses were a little too easy for you all.  Next time I will dig a little deeper and give you more of a challenge.  :)

Temple of Hephaistos photo by Adam Carr, via Wikimedia Commons

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