30 Day Shred: Day One

Sometimes a fitness fad comes along that’s too intriguing to ignore. When I started seeing advertising for Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred, at first, I shrugged it off. Then, I started hearing about people I knew (ok, read about on Twitter) who were seeing results with the program. The DVD came out in 2007, and I purchased my copy in 2009.

The formula behind the DVD is simple — it’s a 20 minute workout that includes cardio, strength and abs, in three six-minute circuits. The DVD features three levels, and as you become more fit, you are to challenge yourself with the next level. When my DVD arrived in spring of 2009, I shredded faithfully for about two weeks. I’d check in on Facebook everyday, and assorted cheerleaders would “like” my status as reinforcement. I started seeing results– I felt stronger, my clothes fit better, and I was losing inches. Then somewhere around week three I lost interest/overslept/stopped making it a priority. I never made it to the thirty day mark and the DVD got stuffed to the back of the closet (the hand weights, though, have been sitting next to the television for two years, faithfully waiting for me to pick them up again).

Then this past weekend, some Twitter friends (also they are friends IRL, we just discuss amongst ourselves via Twitter) started making plans to start the 30 Day Shred today. I decided to jump in, for two reasons. A) They are a fun group of motivated people B) I want to see what kind of results I get in the full thirty days.

Today was day one. The workout went by fast, I kind of remembered it from when I did it day in and day out two years ago. The question is, how will it feel tomorrow?

Have you tried any popular fitness DVD/method/routine? Does group accountability motivate you?

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I did tae-bo off and on about a decade ago. If you stick with it, it works. I recently decided to buy a few fitness DVDs (by the Biggest Loser people) when I was in between gym memberships, but they’re just collecting dust. I often find them boring, especially when you’ve done them several times already. But I kind of want to find one with a cardio kickboxing-type style because I think it would be fun, and I am currently working out in my apartment gym, which has machines but not group classes (which I’ve discovered I love).

I saw the 30 Day Shred download online somewhere, maybe I’ll try it too! It would be nice to have people to talk about it with. I’ve never seen “The Biggest Loser” the show, but the apartment I’m subletting had a couple work-out dvds with people who were on the show and they are actually really good! There’s one that has a ten minute workout for every part of your body and I like to mix and match them.

Having pals to work-out with is really helpful. I find it hard to do things like go to the pool or the gym unless someone goes with me.

I have a wii so I use the EA Sports Active to workout and I actually really like it. I get bored easily and there’s a large variety of exercises so that no two workouts are the same. I was also part of a workout group (through the game itself) for awhile that kept me motivated, but everyone else stopped working out after a few months so then it just became depressing. I try to use it to exercise every other day for about 30 min, but some weeks I only get around to it once or twice… It will probably get even worse once I start grad school!

I think level 1 is free on TWC exercise on demand right now. I tried level 1 last week and was sore for a few days… I like to throw in a little resistance training in with my running and elliptical otherwise I get really bored. I tend to rely on the free videos on demand and Jillian’s Kettle Ball workout and the Jackie Warner videos are also good. Also, has a lot of free training routines you can do at home with little or no equipment.

I recently started doing a “barre sculpt” style class at the campus rec center. I don’t know if there are DVDs, but apparently it’s become more popular over the past couple years. The class I do is kind of a combination of weights, Pilates, and moves at the barre, and it’s intense; I was skeptical in the beginning because the moves are often so small and we used such light weights, but damn, I noticed a difference in my strength and in how toned my arms were when I was doing it on a weekly basis in the spring. (I stopped when I was finishing up my thesis and have just gotten started again.)

I really enjoy working out with friends and am more likely to stick with going to certain classes on a regular basis if a friend goes too. I think having friends to do a DVD routine with would definitely motivate me – I’m pretty good about staying motivated enough to go to the gym and to do classes there, but when it comes to working out on my own in my apartment, I could use the help.

I think the little movements are a big part of it – like Pilates, it takes so much control that it works your muscles in a different way. My favorite / the most awful part is when we’re at the barre doing a long series of different kinds of squats – like, for one set, I’ll have my feet in a V with my heels together, and the instructor has us squat down with our backs straight, then go down an inch and up an inch, over and over, then we’ll hold the squat and press our knees open for 20 or so reps. The movements are so small, but I swear, my muscles actually feel like they’re generating heat during it.

Do you have to do the workouts every day? Yeah, I know it’s only 20 minutes but sometimes there are days where I’m only in my house for 20 minutes at a time between work and sleep.

(I’ve never been able to talk about weight loss with people – hello parenthesis – so the group motivation stuff would never work. I can talk about sports and how fast someone runs a mile but it’s all in a boasting/challenging/congratulating manner.)

I just really started the 30 Day Shred today, but will not be doing the every-day-for-30-days plan. As it is, I’m using it because I have the DVD and need to get back into shape after an injury, so I’m modifying the heck out of a lot of the exercises (starting with no hand weights, changing some of the cardio, etc.). Today I did the first two circuits of Workout 1. I know that I have a tendency to push myself too hard, so the first time I did it about a week ago (and then went out of town, so not really counting that one) I did only the first circuit.

I plan on alternating days between this and either running or riding my bike.

I’m finally, I think, over my rib injury and can start exercising again, which is good because it’s either that or buy new pants.

Yeah, as much as I love clothes shopping, I really don’t want to have to replace all the pants. And also don’t have the money right now anyway. Fortunately, I really enjoy working out, and am glad to be back to it after seven months.

I have the New York City Ballet Workout DVDs and book, but my puppy makes working out at home virtually impossible. IMPOSSIBLE. Ugh. Group motivation DOES help me, though. I’ve become shy about sharing stuff about eating well or working out on my facebook and tumblr, though, because I have so many friends who find weight loss/fitness talk offputting. It’s kind of eliminated my ability to get that group feedback and friendly motivation and cheerleading I would have gotten from friends say, 5 years ago.

That workout is SO VERY VERY HARD. I have the DVDs, and I’ve yet to make it all the way through without my hamstrings trying to pull my legs up into my ass. Ballet dancers only look willowy and delicate, any one of them could kick our asses while balanced on the big toe of one foot.

I’ve always been against exercising in public, because it reminds me of gym class.

I do this workout from time to time, in the privacy of my own home. It’s not as ass-kicking as some of the other ballet-based workouts, but still works all the right muscle groups.

I wish I could do C25K. My knees are shot (ironically, from years of dancing), and I’m not supposed to run.

I downloaded that work-out after I saw you post about it on tumblr! I really like it.

I feel you on the not having a motivational group thing. None of my “real-life” friends work-out and it all seems very hush-hush in my online communities. You don’t want to upset anyone or put anyone off but at the same time you want to celebrate your own personal victories. Very fine-balance.

There’s a massive “fitspo” community on Tumblr; you could probably find a good motivational community there :) I follow a few because they’re really inspiring, although I don’t participate myself, since my Tumblr is a personal one.

Yeah, dogs + working out = Very Bad Things. Cats too. The worst was the day I almost had my nose pierced by my cat while doing yoga.

I’m working up to working out. I’ve made some diet changes, but I can’t seem to get motivated to exercise.

I love those DVDs. They are so relaxing for me. I need to start doing them every day, because a few years ago when I did at least half the workout a day and then all of it on the weekends, I lost about 25 pounds (all my freshman weight) and I looked amazing without even modifying my diet too much.

I used a sturdy chair as a barre, and roughly half the area of my living room rug (which is 8′ x 10′) for the floor work. Most of the time, you’re in one place, trying to convince your body to bend and stretch in new, painful and previously-thought-impossible ways. I need the extra space to lie prone and beg for mercy at the end.

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