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Animated Ladyghosts: X-Men, S1, “Deadly Reunions”

The episode starts with Charles being all up in Sabertooth’s brain, which is full of torment and having been betrayed by everyone he knows. There is a trippy montage of the inside of Sabertooth’s brain, which involves people turning into weird demon-things, and Sabertooth and Charles melding into a bald version of Sabertooth in a labcoat. Perhaps this was not the best episode to recap while drinking schnapps and cranberry juice. Or maybe it is the best, I don’t know. Maybe peach schnapps makes everything better. Eventually, Sabertooth runs away and builds a cement cube around himself to hid his secrets from Charles, who is all “I’m just trying to help, and FYI, I am going to get all of your brain in time.” Charles, you’re being a jerk.

OMG Wolverine just said “I’ll penetrate his recesses.” In reference to Sabertooth, when Charles was explaining how he can’t root up all of Sabertooth’s brain parts. Wolverine storms out when Charles asks for himself in Sabertooth’s therapy.

The X-Men are preparing for another attack by Magneto, and he is preparing an attack on a chemical plant. What kind of chemicals? Green ones. The X-Men’s monitor goes off, and the X-Men take the jet to go save the day. Because it is early in the episode, Magneto kicks their butts and talks about how disappointed he is that Charles didn’t show up.

This is also where we learn about Storm’s claustrophobia.

What? Rogue just gave Cyclops CPR? Oh, okay, there are the eye-lasers. Warning: Rogue has eye-lasers. So they were all easily incapacitated. And then Charles and Magneto argue a bit, and Magneto overturns Charles’s magical floating wheelchair. His only defense is to go into Magneto’s brain and replay his saddest memories about his people preparing for negotiation while other people prepared tanks. You know, the ones that turned him into a supervillain.

Then it goes to Senator Kelly announcing that he is a terrible person and running for president. Part of his platform is that he will send mutants to internment camps. Jubilee is watching it on TV. Sabertooth tricks her into letting him go. Sabertooth takes her hostage, and reveals that he’s working for Magneto. Fortunately, the big strong manly Wolverine is here to save the day and fight off Sabertooth and his 12-pack abs.

The other X-Men arrive home, and”¦ apparently no alarms have gone off? Oh, but then they hear the fighting.

Jubilee saves Wolverine while Charles monologues, and Sabertooth runs away. But now he knows the location of the academy, so”¦ that’s fun.

Overall, another fast-paced episode, one of many that focuses on Wolverine. Fairly sure we’ll have another one next week, since the picture on the episode selection is Jean and Wolverine. We haven’t really seen Jean much; wonder what she’s been up to? Oh, wait, I don’t have to. She’s probably been busy dying, being reincarnated, and being her own grandmother.


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