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Animated Ladyghosts: X-Men, S1, “Enter Magneto”

Welcome back to the X-Men Recaps! This week: “Entering Magneto.” The episode starts with Beast in prison reading Animal Farm, where the guards proceed to make fun of him. Why can’t they just leave Beast alone? A rescue is afoot, and Beast thinks it’s Wolverine, but it turns out to be Magneto! He introduces himself. They have a debate, as Beast believes that he should stand trial to prove his innocence, and Magneto, of course, believes that humans should just be crushed. He proceeds to do some of that crushing on the guards.

Flashback time!

After the war (an unspecified war that involved a small country of some kind), Professor X used his powers secretly to help treat patients. One of the other workers, Magnus, was from the small country and had lost his whole family in the war. When fighting started again, Magnus decided that humans weren’t worth it.

Then it switches to the trial. The judge makes it clear that he is not discriminating against mutants, but cannot grant bail because clearly the incident of the previous night, where Magneto crushed the puny human guards, proves that having Beast out is dangerous. Sabertooth attacks the courtroom, and is taken down by a few guards. Cyclops wants to protect Sabertooth, and is all, “But he might die!” and Wolverine’s response is, “Good.” Did not remember this cartoon being so casually dark. Cyclops does save Sabertooth, though, by hitting the guards with his super deadly push-of-a-gentle-breeze eye-lasers.

Oh, no, Wolverine is breaking into Sabertooth’s hospital room with his claws out! He cuts the cables on the equipment. Cyclops, Xavier, and Jubilee are all, “We have to help him!” and Wolverine insists he is removing Sabertooth from the premises. Storm comes in and mentions that Sabertooth’s rage reminds her of Wolverine back in the day. Things are interrupted when Magneto is found, and everyone has to go deal with that. Wolverine tells Professor X how hypocritical it is that he has to leave his old enemy alone in order to take care of Xavier’s.

Magneto is at the local missile base (you know, everyone has one in their neighborhood), and has somehow set the missiles to target the base. Magneto and the X-Men talk about their issues. Magneto kicks their butts and lets the X-Men know that he thinks of them as traitors. He asks them to tell Professor X that Magneto is significantly stronger now. Storm fubars the missiles, but knocks herself out from exertion in the process. Xavier also has to walk her through it telepathically, because, as we have already seen, Storm does not do computers.

The episode ends with Magneto monologueing about how he doesn’t understand how Xavier has turned against his own kind.

Overall, the pacing on this episode was slightly frenetic, but the X-Men live a pretty hectic life. We’ll see just how hectic in the next episode, “Deadly Reunions.” (Note: I have no idea if that is an accurate statement, but it sounded good in my head.)


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