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Being Human UK Retro Recap 2.06

Lucy and Mitchell deal with the Morning After, George takes a step towards domesticity and Annie takes a step toward moving on.

Our flashback takes us back to London, 1972. As a young priest gives a church service, elsewhere a girl walks into a room and hides behind the curtains. Her mom comes in behind her; they’re playing hide and seek. The doorbell rings, distracting the mother, and the girl moves behind the couch. At the church, a member of the congregation compliments Reverend Kemp on the service as the young man gets in his car. At home, the mother is screaming as three people drag her into the room where the girl watches from her hiding place. The three people begin to drink the woman. Kemp comes home because sadly, this is his home, his wife, his child that he finds being killed by the three vampires. As Young Kemp holds up his Bible, backing them away, Old Kemp prays. “And whosoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood will live forever.”  This is the first and last time you’ll feel sympathetic for Kemp.

Lucy and Mitchell deal with the morning-after regrets of their actions the night before. Mitchell apologizes, but Lucy says they’ll talk later, as she has to go to work. She stops to pray on her way as Mitchell heads home to find a minor domestic happening between George and Annie. George is going to look at houses with Sam, and Annie is pissed. He brings her in for a hug, and she says that she was OK with the idea of him moving out when it was just an idea, but she didn’t think he’d go through with it. George asks where Mitchell was the night before and admits he was with Lucy, but he leaves out the whole ripping out the Chief Constable’s throat part. George promises to visit when he moves out, but Annie says it won’t be the same and pops out. Mitchell remarks that it’s the end of an era, and for himself… he hopes his own plans include Lucy. Oh, Mitchell…

Annie takes a walk and finds a psychic medium type show: Alan Cortez, Master Medium. She heads in, but once the show starts, Annie is not impressed. An usher asks her to keep her heckling down, and Annie realizes that the usher is a ghost, too. Ghost Usher Robyn shows Annie to the right seats, and there are a load of ghosts in the back, watching the show. Robyn explains that Alan wasn’t always a fraud. He used to be amazing, but then he just started ignoring them. After the show, Annie takes it upon herself to try to give him a wake up call. He can hear her, but can’t see her, and she realizes that he can’t hear the other ghosts. He explains that there was a fire at one of his Newcastle shows… he accidentally walked off the stage, and after that, they were just gone. He used to pray for the voices to leave; now he prays for them to come back.

George and Sam find a place that Sam loves with a proper garden, reasonable rent, and it’s available immediately. George doesn’t react quite so excitedly, and it looks like he was more enthused when this was just hypothetical, too. He lies and says he’s ready for change, even suggesting getting a dog. Molly seems to be warming up to him. As they drop Molly off, Sam invites George to a parents’ evening at the school on the 27th. That coincides with the full moon, though, so George explains that he has a… thing… a sport thing… tobogganing… in Liverpool. Sam asks him to cancel, but he won’t.

Lucy apologizes to Kemp, but she says she couldn’t bring herself to kill another person. Kemp corrects her that Mitchell isn’t a person, but Kemp understands. The devil is made to be charming, he explains, and Mitchell is made in the devil’s image. Later, Mitchell and Lucy share an awkward coffee, and she just can’t get past him being a murderer. “It’s your world, Mitchell… it’s in every cell.” Mitchell promises that he can’t change for her… he’ll leave the vampire family. She wants to know when he’ll tell them. He says tomorrow night he’ll call a meeting at the funeral home. Lucy leaves and calls Kemp to tell him, “It’s done.”

Annie decides to try and mobilize the ghosts in the theatre. Alan doesn’t think it’ll work, but she has a plan. She picks out a ghost and speaks to Alan for them. The first one up is Jimmy. His wife is there, and she wants to know if it’s okay for her to get remarried. Jimmy says nope and starts going off on her. It’s not a great start. Apparently, Jimmy’s wife was having an affair long before he died. Annie calms him down and asks Alan to have the woman admit it, admit to the affair. After a moment of shock, she does, and she apologizes for it. Jimmy’s door opens,  and Annie watches bittersweetly as he crosses over.

Mitchell goes to talk to Ivan and asks the older vampire to spread the world and get everyone there. Ivan says OK, “I have most of them on my twitter feed.” After Mitchell leaves, Kemp’s Tech comes to the funeral home to check out reports of a gas leak. Uh oh.

At the new house, George is trying to put a table together and cursing up a storm as Molly comes in the room. She looked up some stuff about tobogganing and asks him some questions, which he fails utterly. She knew he was lying. George doesn’t know what to say, and Molly says that he should just leave now, don’t hurt her mum more. Her dad told lies, too, she explains. George tells Molly that he has a problem and he’s worried that Sam will think he’s a freak. Molly tells him that her mum loves him, so everything will be OK. Later that night, however, as George and Sam watch TV, Molly calls out. She had a nightmare. About George, but he wasn’t George. He just stared at her, but his eyes were dark. “They looked right through me,” she explains. “They looked inside me.”

After her experience with Jimmy, Annie decides to go on tour with Alan. She sees a woman she recognizes in the audience. She tells Alan the woman’s name is Carmen… her mother. Alan asks what Carmen would like to ask, and she doesn’t even know. Losing a child is a unique pain, she explains, but it’s all she has left. “I want to feel that pain. And I deserve to feel that pain, because… I should have known. She was my little girl, and I should have known that she was in danger. I should have known that she was scared. Because I’m her mum, and I really should have known.” She sits down. Annie has said nothing. After the show, Alan asks for Carmen to come see him, and he reveals that Annie’s there… she couldn’t find words before, but she’s there. Carmen doesn’t believe it at first, but Annie picks up a tissue and starts making a rose from it. Carmen sees the floating rose and recognizes it as something Annie made all the time… she loved those roses. There’s so much Carmen wants to say, but Annie says that she needs to let go… live her life, stop torturing herself. Annie asks her mum to visit her grave. She never had before. She was afraid to, afraid that would become her last memory of Annie. But she was wrong; she still has her face and her eyes and her laugh. “You’ll always have me, mum,” Annie says as Carmen promises to try and live her life. She places the paper rose on the grave as she walks away.

At home, Mitchell practices his talk in his bedroom, trying to find the right words. Lucy sits in a room as Kemp tells her that they should prepare themselves. Mitchell leaves the house and walks to the funeral home. Lucy and Kemp pray at a very creepy looking alter.

Annie lets Alan know that she can’t go on the road. Helping other ghosts move on made her realize she has to as well. She asks what Alan will do, and he asks if she thinks Robyn would be any good. He’s starting to hear the other ghosts again. Alan asks what Annie will do, and she says that she thinks it’s time to go.

The Tech loiters outside the funeral home as vampires file in. Ivan plays host, handing out drinks (alcohol only, no hard stuff). Kemp and Lucy pray. Mitchell walks in. Tech makes a call. Mitchell calls out to Ivan. Kemp’s phone rings. Tech tells him Mitchell just went inside. Lucy says to wait, others may still arrive. Mitchell takes Ivan downstairs. Ivan asks why he wants to throw it away as Mitchell explains that he wants Ivan to take the reins. Ivan isn’t ready for that responsibility and thinks they need to set up a new relationship with the police since Mitchell severed the last one. Ivan can’t lead, he claims… he’s coping, but he’s one step away from massacre. “This is the problem with vampires,” Mitchell scolds, “too much fucking introspection.” Ivan says he’ll have to find someone else. Mitchell reveals he met someone. Well, that changes things for Ivan… he gets it now. “We all lead long and appalling lives, but I have my Daisy. Everyone deserves a Daisy.” Ivan opens the door, and they head back out to everyone.

Lucy urges Kemp to wait a few more minutes. Kemp thinks he’s waited long enough and makes Lucy say, “Do it.” Mitchell starts his announcement. Kemp calls The Tech: “It’s time.” Tech calls a number. Ivan hears a beep, sees the bomb, and yells to Mitchell to get down. The Funeral Home explodes. Kemp turns to Lucy: “The deed is done. Shall we pray?”

And with that, the pieces are set into place for the last two episodes. Kemp has had his vengeance, but how many times has he exacted this scenario? George has settled himself into a normal life, but is there a monster still lurking there? Annie has accepted it’s time to move on, but will it be so easy for her to find her door again?

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