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Being Human UK Retro Recap 2.07

George makes a mistake, Annie makes a decision and Mitchell makes a final turn toward the dark.

London, 1941. Ivan asks if the young lady sheltering from the air raid across from him has a name. Her name is Daisy. Daisy talks about Pearl, her daughter – how she doesn’t understand her, doesn’t feel the motherly bond with her. Ivan asks her what’s worse: guilt, or the lack of it. Daisy tries to change the topic, but Ivan’s not interested in politics; he’s interested in Daisy, in bringing her away from her life that is destined to mean nothing, enrich nothing. He wants her to come with him, but she wants to wait for the all clear. He holds out a hand and promises to make her indestructible.

George wakes up in his new house to find Molly staring at him. Sam sent her to tell him to wake up. When he heads down to the kitchen, Sam reminds him that it’s parents’ night that night and again tells him that it’d mean a lot for him to be there. He makes his excuses again, and Sam reveals her frustration, telling him that it’s like he’s still on foot at the old place, hedging his bets. She just wants to stop getting mixed signals; he’s the one that set this accelerated speed, and now he’s putting on the brakes.

Meanwhile, over at the old place, Nina pays a visit. Annie greets her warmly. Nina tries to make small talk but just cuts to the chase and asks how George is. Annie tells her to sit down as she explains that George met someone and moved out. Nina reacts almost too coolly and asks Annie if she’s been OK. Annie says it’s been… weird. And she’s tired. She wants to know if Nina is back for good, and Nina says it’s complicated. Annie says that George’ll be back for the moon that night, so Nina can just hang out until then. Remembering the third roommate, Nina asks after Mitchell. Annie breathes out deeply.

We see a very alive (well, as alive as he can be) Mitchell walking into the destroyed funeral home. He finds Daisy, who runs at him with a hug, asking how he got out. Ivan saved him but didn’t survive. The cover story that the police are spouting is that an incinerator exploded, which jibes with the 30 already-dead bodies that were in the building. Mitchell thinks it’s payback for the constable. Daisy doesn’t think so; she thinks it was quick and brutal, but amateurish.

Nina checks out the cage room as George comes home downstairs. She heads down to the kitchen, and he appears to smell her before she even says anything. He’s so happy to see her but also so conflicted. She just starts blurting things out… how she thinks the cage was a great idea, how Annie said he was seeing someone. She thinks it’s good, that he must be happy. He wants to know what she’s doing there. She reveals that she met some people who might have a cure. George is even more skeptical when he hears it’s a priest and a mad scientist. She explains the chamber and asks that he just meet them. He says there isn’t a cure. “Then we walk away,” she offers. He agrees to meet them, but he thinks it’s cruel, the false hope they’re giving her.

Mitchell and Daisy have coffee, and she points out that all across the world there have been lots of accidents like the “gas leak.” The humans are fighting back, she reasons, and she doesn’t want to just sit around and wait. She wants to retaliate. She wants to track down every single person who knew about the attack on the funeral home to torture and kill them. Mitchell knows who to start with. But first, he stops at home, where George informs him about Nina and the “cure” and Professor Jaggat. Mitchell can’t hang around to meet them, but he thinks they sound pretty harmless. George asks if he’s heard from Lucy lately, but Mitchell hasn’t. He tells George that George was right to say he’d be an idiot to tell her to truth.

At Kemp’s institute, Lucy stares at the goldfish as Kemp comes in to tell her that he’s off to see George. Lucy asks if Nina said anything about how George is coping with Mitchell’s death, but Kemp reminds her again that these are monsters without feelings and emotional connections. At the house, Kemp arrives with Nina, and Annie cracks up at the sight of him. Kemp bluntly explains that George and Nina are possessed by Satan. George is pissed but doesn’t have a better explanation to offer. Kemp continues that the cure is the application of faith to science as he details the tidal shift effects and decompression chamber. The room negates the tidal effect, the wolf doesn’t manifest, becoming weaker and eventually dying. “Does it work?” George asks. “You would be the first,” Kemp answers. George calls it out as vivisection. Kemp says they think as time goes on, the wolf gets stronger and starts to manifest between moons. Kemp name drops his exorcism past, his skill in helping ghosts move on. Nina points out that George calls it a curse; why is that easier to believe? George doesn’t buy it, though, and heads outside. Nina tells Kemp to wait there as she goes to talk to him. George can’t believe that Nina is buying into this, and she asks him to just try it… try it for the new woman in his life: “You didn’t tell me, you had the situation under control. How’d that work out for you?” George storms away, and Nina goes inside to apologize to Kemp for wasting his time. It wasn’t a waste at all though, as Annie dropped him a note: “Could you help me?”

George heads back to his new home and informs Sam that he’s arranged it for tonight: he’ll be at the parents’ night, but has to meet Mitchell for drinks at 8. He assures her that he is a constant and also thinks that they should get married. Really, George? Does “George” mean “makes stupid and impulsive decisions” in some other language, because that’s all he’s been doing this season. Sam is, of course, ecstatic, because she’s a complete enabler of George’s stupid and impulsive ideas.

Mitchell and Daisy pay Steven the coroner a visit, and Mitchell plays good cop to Daisy’s knife-to-the-throat bad cop. Mitchell wants to know who was behind it, but the coroner says it wasn’t them; all he did was react to the bodies and sign off on the report. He wishes it was them, though… he would have invited the families of their victims to listen to the screams. Daisy lets go of the coroner saying: “A) I told you so, and B) you,” to the coroner, “are very rude.” As they go to leave, the coroner yells that Mitchell won’t find her. He stops, wanting to know who. There was a woman who came to see him, thinking that he worked with the vampires. She said she’d get them all together and there’d be a fire. Mitchell wants to know her name. “Lucy.” Mitchell stabs the coroner and throws file cabinets around the room. “You want some retaliation?” he asks Daisy. “I’ll show you retaliation.” Uh-oh.

Annie leaves a message on the machine as George plays dad at the parents’ night. George holds back a cough as he talks to someone and sees visions of the wolf. The doorbell rings at the house, and Annie lets Kemp and a psychic come in. He feels around and points at where Annie is. Kemp asks if she still wants to do this; they can go if she doesn’t. The psychic gets no response, so they go to leave, but she shouts out yes, jolting the psychic, who says she’s really powerful.

George and Sam are talking to the teacher as George checks his watch. Kemp starts an exorcism around Annie, and things start flying around but no door appears. She asks the psychic what time it is and remarks that George should be home by now. At the school, Sam asks George if he’s OK, and he asks what time it is. She makes an excuse for him that he’s just a bit out of sorts due to the clocks changing. He didn’t realize that because she changed his watch for him. He freaks out on her, yelling that she lied to him… it’s 8 in yesterday’s time… time for the change. George runs out of the room, falling and screaming. His vision starts to change. He’s running through the halls, passing kids. Molly is playing with friends and walks down a hallway. She sees George writhing around on the ground. He looks at her, and his eyes have already hanged. “Run,” he says, showing off his teeth, which have already changed, too. He runs out of the school as he’s transforming, screaming. He runs, saying, “No, no, no, no,” over and over.

People sit on a train as an announcement comes through about a signal failure. Then sounds of a massacre. The lights go out and flicker back on. Daisy is in the back of the car, Mitchell in the front, ready to kill.

Kemp is still exorcising. Annie is bored in a chair. Annie tells them there needs to be a door for her to pass over. “Did  we bring a door?” the psychic asks as George comes running though the front door and Annie tells them to stay back. George turns on Kemp as he is ready to turn. Annie soothes him, “Don’t do this, sweetheart. We have to get you into the cage.” She leads him up stairs and locks him in just as he changes.

A maintainance worker comes onto the train to get the lights working but can’t. His flashlight reveals part of the destruction… blood everywhere. The lights come back on to show bodies everywhere. He vomits.

Annie comes downstairs and says he’s safe now. She doesn’t want to go on. Kemp urges her to remember why she asked him for help and gives her his address if she changes her mind. Kemp does well in appearing to be an actual nice person, honestly.

George can’t reach the keys the next morning and yells for Annie. She asks what the hell happened. He got his timing wrong. “One minute longer!” she warns. He asks if someone was here. She says some friends. “Ghosts?” she lies. George dresses quickly; he has to go see Sam.

Sam says it was awful, embarrassing, Molly’s friends won’t be allowed over anymore. She asks if George is a risk. He says no, he manages it, last night was a blip. “So this is the thing” that’s wrong with him, Sam realizes. He apologizes again. She tells him to apologize to Molly and calls Molly down. As soon as she sees George, she starts screaming and tries to run away. Sam takes her away as George starts crying.

Mitchell and Daisy wake, covered in blood, in blood soaked sheets. He knows he shouldn’t have trusted Lucy, he sighs. “What do we do now?” Daisy asks, “Bonnie and Clyde?” He says they’ll go speak to the hospital chaplain, try to find her. “One by one” they’ll kill everyone, if they need to.

George sits with a Rubik’s cube as Sam comes back down. He says they can’t carry on. “Who was I trying to kid?” George goes to kiss her, but she pulls back. “You’re wonderful,” he tells her. “She’s wonderful.” He kisses her on the forehead and leaves.

At the old house, Annie finds Mitchell in the kitchen, just sitting very moodily at the kitchen table. “I kissed you once, you remember that?” he asks. He gets really creepy, talking about her body and her skin. He asks if she wants to kiss him again. George comes in, and she runs from Mitchell to him. George is going to try the cure. Annie’s going with him. Keep an eye on him. Mitchell coughs in the kitchen. Annie tells George that Mitchell’s being weird. “Not him again, I thought he moved out, he’s always fucking here,” Mitchell says. George thinks he’s drunk and tells Mitchell that he’s going to the place with Professor Jaggat and the priest. Mitchell says good, he’s glad to get rid of them. They realize something isn’t right as Mitchell breaks through for a second and tells them to leave, to get away from him. It’s like Jekyll and Hyde. George seems to have realized, but Annie hasn’t, as George hustles Annie out. “Whatever you are when you leave that place,” Mitchell warns, “stay out of the cities. The cities won’t be safe much longer.”

As they leave, Annie looks back. “We’re not coming back here, are we?” George lies as a mass choir sings. Annie looks back at Mitchell staring out the window. Mitchell arrives at the hospital chapel. The chaplain know who he is. Mitchell says he’s looking for a doctor from the hospital, Lucy, that he just wants to talk to her. George and Annie pull into the institute. Chaplain says this isn’t the man who sat with Josie when she was dying, and he doesn’t hand out the contact details of his parishioners. He asks Mitchell to find the man who George tried to save… the man worth saving inside him gig. Mitchell goes to leave, and the chaplain shouts at him, “You stay away from Lucy Jaggat.” Mitchell stops. “What did you say? Did you say Jaggat?” George and Annie arrive to be greeted by Nina. Kemp, the Tech, and Lucy come out. “Welcome to freedom,” Lucy greets as multiple sets of doors close.

By Crystal Coleman

Florida girl living on the west coast. During the day, I consult in social media and community management. I have a really cute puppy (Elphaba) and a British husband (I keep him for his accent) as well as an unhealthy relationship with parentheses.

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