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Being Human UK Retro Recap 2.08

As George, Annie and Nina get ready for release at the Institute, Mitchell has some unfinished business with Lucy Jaggat.

Young men get ready for seminary. They walk down hallways into a small chapel where they join Kemp in prayer. In a room at the institute, Lucy wake up. She sees a bloody woman sitting at the desk next to her. The woman says “It’s coming,” and laughs as she licks her lips. Lucy looks away and the woman is gone. Back at the institute, one of the young priests in training picks up a sign as he tries not to look at the four coffins in the room. Kemp and the young men stand on a corner to proselytize. At the end of the day, them come back and the same young man finds himself unable to not stare at George, who is getting a medical workup. The young man visits George and the invisible Annie, who is being translated by the psychic. George reminds him that he can hear Annie. Annie thinks it’s weird that the “weird bible guy” can’t see her; only George, the psychic, Nina and Kemp know she’s there. George and Annie have realized that Lucy is Mitchell’s girlfriend. George isn’t being allowed protein, because it will strengthen the demon. George is doing it because it’s the only think Nina’s asked of him. Annie is worried about Mitchell. George tries to pretend that he was drunk, but Annie knows he’s done something.

Kemp dictates some notes about George and Annie as the nervous young man brings him tea. Kemp takes a moment to linger on a Garfield mug in his drawer: Lucy’s. Creepster. Lucy enters and tells Kemp about seeing the woman, Amy McBride. Lucy thinks that retribution is what’s coming. Kemp thinks the alternative is letting the infection spread; they’re doing “good work.”

In her room, Annie talks with the psychic. She’s glad to have him around, someone to talk to, since George has Nina. Annie confides that George doesn’t know why she’s really there. Downstairs, Nervous Tea Boy brings the tech his cuppa. Nervous Boy sees body bags and asks what they are. Tech says they’re for the type threes. Tech wants to get him away (he sees Nina undressing on a monitor), so tells him to head down to Londis for some milk. A shadow passes by the coffins. The tech gets to masturbating and doesn’t notice a door open behind him. The nervous boy doesn’t notice the dead person next to him either.

Lucy finds George hanging out near the chamber and discusses faith with him. She outed herself as a believer scientist by writing a book on intelligent design. It didn’t go well. George tells her that he knows about her and Mitchell. She claims that she was using him; she messed up, lost sight of why she was there. George asks if she loved him and she nods. He tells her that Mitchell’s gone now. George can’t help feeling she’s dangerous. Lucy thinks that’s the wolf telling him that. He feels like it’s him.

George goes to talk to Nina. Annie’s been crying, she’s so worried about Mitchell. George wants to leave and find him, which Nina isn’t too happy about. Nina thinks he’s chickening out. George is frightened it will work. He’s been hiding behind it for two years and doesn’t know how to live without it now. Nina thinks this is an opportunity for them to have a real chance with each other, nothing to hide behind. He lets her know that he’ll stay. He goes to the front desk to make a phone call and as it rings, a ring echoes throughout the institute. The shadow claims another victim. George gets the voicemail and tells Mitchell off for just running off on them. He tries the landline to check messages and finds two messages. First is Annie’s.

For so long now I’ve been tired, frightened. The prospect of this scream of time in front of me is terrifying. Do you remember, George, I was going to pass over and you couldn’t understand why because I didn’t know what lay beyond. I love you boys. ‘Cause it was through you two that I’ve really truly lived.

As George listens to the message, Annie sits with the psychic as he jokes around with her. George chokes back tears and doesn’t even listen to the second message.

The tech goes to the bathroom and finds a bloody body dripping down on him. He goes to Kemp and Lucy and shows them the security footage he’s just noticed. Lucy knows that it was Mitchell. The tech spots that the body bags are missing. Kemp thinks he’s looking for all of them, especially Lucy, though. Kemp wants Lucy to go to the observation room and lock herself in for safety. Kemp calls one of the young men over. He informs the young man that once they deal with Mitchell, it’s time to neutralize George and Nina. The young man goes to get them, but George wants to stop and speak to Annie. He confronts her about the message. Annie defends that he would have tried to stop her. Annie reminds him that if he’s cured, he won’t be able to see her; then nobody will be able to see her. George says he’ll stay, but Annie reminds him that he has Nina. Outside, Nina notices that the young man is really nervous. Inside, George encourages her to wait, just one more day. They exchange friendly “I love you”s and Annie just feels frightened. The young man comes in to hustle George out.

Kemp hears the lift going and stands to wait with the tech. Lucy runs into the observation room and locks herself in. The lift arrives but there’s only a body bag. Mitchell is already in the room with Lucy.

George and Nina are locked in a chamber and George feels that something isn’t right. Nina distracts him with a game of I Spy. She spots some writing. George goes to read it, showing off his nice arse to Nina. He reads it. “George, All the werewolves die. Tully.” George tells Nina they need to get out. He bangs on the door, shouting that something’s wrong with Nina to get a young man to open the door.

In the observation room, Mitchell wants to know where George and Annie are. She assures him that they’re still alive. Mitchell wants to know if anything wasn’t a lie. She claims the explosion was a sidetrack. He claims it was ethnic cleansing and accuses her of betraying him. She throws back the people he just killed at him. Reiterates that they were just trying to help the werewolves. Mitchell wants to know if they were just a science project, and Lucy explains that they didn’t know what the three of them were planning.

Mitchell: We weren’t planning anything. We just wanted to be left alone.
Lucy: You don’t get to be left alone! You don’t get a life and lovers and hope! You are poisonous! You are wearing other people’s clothes. You are not human.
Mitchell: You have such a redundant view of the world. God made man in His own image. What if that included His rage? And His spite. And His indifference. And His cruelty. What if God made us too? We’re all his children, you see. God’s a bit of a bastard. Look at us both. Covered in other people’s blood and talking about morality. But there’s one difference between me and you. You had a choice.

Kemp, who has been watching this encounter, stands and goes to Annie’s room. It’s time for her to finish her journey, he says. She tries to protest, but he’s determined to do it then.

George and Nina comes across the monitors and see the bodies around and Kemp in with Annie. The psychic reminds Kemp that there has to be a death, a door for Annie to pass through. No problem, Kemp guts him as George and Nina watch on the monitors. The psychic can finally see Annie and realizes he’s dead. Kemp recites scripture as the psychic is pulled through the door. He repeats, “The power of Christ compels you,” over and over as Annie is pulled through the door, too, as George and Nina watch helplessly and Mitchell doubles over in pain. Nina tells George that they have to leave.

Mitchell runns away from Lucy as she asks what’s wrong. The tech presses some buttons near the chamber as Nina pulls George toward the open door. He wants to go back for Mitchell, though and runs past the open chamber where the tech is hiding. As he cowers, he sees the ghost of Amy McBride, too.

Mitchell finds Kemp in the corridor and Kemp informs Mitchell that he sent his girlfriend to the other side. He gloats about it. Wants Mitchell to know grief and rage as he did. Mitchell threatens to rip his head off and almost does but George stops him. George tells Mitchell that he has lost too much today and won’t lost him, too. Mitchell protests that George doesn’t know what he’s done. George yells at him not to kill in Annie’s name. “They’re monsters, not us.” Mitchell lets Kemp go and screams before taking George’s hand and leaving with him. The two men cry over their lost friend as Kemp is left alone, the true monster.

Three weeks later, a postal van drives down a country road. The postman delivers a small box that Nina opens. It’s a book called God’s Blueprint. Nina goes upstairs where there are articles and clippings about Lucy spread all around. Nina wants to go into town for the library, she thinks she knows the tech’s name: Lloyd Pinkey. She feels responsible, she’s the one that brought Kemp into the house. George says he’ll drop her off. Downstairs, Mitchell is listening to a news report about the Boxcar Twenty, what they’re calling the massacre that he and Daisy performed. George thinks he’s obsessing over other people’s grief. Mitchell wonders why George hasn’t asked what Mitchell did after he left the house, but George can’t be his confessor, he explains. As Mitchell heads out for a walk, he sees someone in the drive. Lucy. Mitchell marches up to her and asks if she’s here on her own. She is, she doesn’t know what happened to Kemp. Nina’s been looking for her, left a paper trail. Lucy says they can’t hurt them anymore. Mitchell explains that they can’t go back to the house because it was Annie’s and they lost her. Lucy confesses that the chamber was her idea and four people died in there. She sees their faces all the time. Mitchell grabs her and growls at her, wanting to know if she has any idea what she’s done to him. “I have to live with what I’ve done; you should, too.” Lucy wants to see George and Nina, she doesn’t have anywhere else to go. Nina throws her up against a wall, too, angrier than either George or Mitchell. Lucy just wants to say sorry, explain. Nina doesn’t want reparation and makes a veiled threat to bite her. The roommies talk and Mitchell thinks she really wants to make amends. Nina reminds Mitchell that it’s not just about Annie; she was in there for two months, they almost killed her, convinced her to bring the man she loves in there to die, too. George isn’t happy about it, but Mitchell lets Lucy sleep on the couch. Lucy doesn’t understand why he’s doing this. “If you want forgiveness, you have to offer it first.”

Nina can’t sleep and wanders downstairs where Lucy is no longer on the couch. Nina follows some noises outside, where she finds Lucy. She informs Lucy that she’s had enough of it, and if the boys won’t be man enough to kick her out, she will. Lucy tells Nina to run as Lucy is stabbed from behind by Kemp. Upstairs, George hears Nina scream and comes down running with Mitchell. They find Nina being held by Kemp with a knife to her throat. Mitchell leans down to Lucy, saying they’ll get her some help but she’s already dying. George steps forward slowly, telling Kemp to kill him instead. Kemp intends to… afterwards. He’ll start with Nina. Kemp is distracted by a sound behind him and Nina gets away. A door opens and a bedraggled looking Annie comes out, grabs Kemp, and pulls him in with her. The roommies process this as they hear a TV come on inside. Suddenly, Annie appears on it. They ask where she is.

We wait. We wait. We each have a number and we wait for someone to call our number and then we move to another room and we wait there. But then… then one of us disappears and we talk, and we’re not allowed to talk about them. And there are bells and there are buzzers and whistles… we had to fill in this form and the people… the people behind the doors, they whisper. I don’t know what we’re waiting for to happen, but sometimes I wish it would just, just happen. We’re frightened of what it might be and… they’re really angry with me for getting Kemp, ’cause they said there isn’t a form for that. Oh god, um, I have to go. {she starts to fade} Please, don’t forget me, will you?

George and Mitchell’s eyes fill with tears and they reach out to the screen and assure her they won’t forget her. George asks what they do now. Mitchell says they’ll get her back.

Somewhere covered in snow, two bodies huddle over a patch of red. It’s Daisy and Cora, over some bones. Cora assures Daisy that blood heals. They can’t stop now. A rumble happens and out of the snow comes Herrick.

After a rough start, the season really came around in the end. If the first season of Being Human was about the roommates coming to terms with the monsters inside them, the second season was about them realizing that the real monsters are the people who have no excuses, who act without remorse under the guise of “goodness.” As Mitchell says to Lucy, she had a choice. She chose to kill those werewolves. Mitchell forgets that he had a choice, too, and he chose to go clean. Sure, he goes off the wagon in a big way, but he was able to make that choice, something Kemp would never be able to understand.

The only lingering uneasiness I feel in this season is that it feels like the relationship between Mitchell and Annie was a little too much told and not shown. There have been moments of tenderness between them, sure, but no more than there have been with George. The sudden inference of a relationship between them is jarring and seems to only be there to set up season three.

Overall, though, I was really happy with it. Well, as happy as you can be with such a downer ending. What did you think?


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