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Bones Retro Recap 1.06 “The Man in the Wall”

Angela manages to get Brennan to come out to a night club and take a night off from dead bodies and emails. After Brennan references the music as “tribal,” a girl takes offense to that, but another girl comes to Brennan’s defense: “She’s using Descartes’ philosophy to say she’s down with the music.” But the first girl isn’t having it and starts to throw down. Unfortunately, she also throws the girl into a wall, which starts to crumble and release a cloud of white powder. Oh, there’s also a mummified dead body in there.

The white powder turns out to be meth and by the time Booth and Zack arrive to the club turned crime scene, Angela and Brennan are totally high from inhaling it. Booth headed over straight from a date, so his girlfriend Tessa is there, too. Angela informs him that’s not the best date idea. Booth questions the club owner as a wasted Brennan excitedly shows Zack the “modern mummy.” Tessa kisses Booth goodbye and grabs a cab back to his place as Angela and Brennan “Awww.” Brennan remarks that she’s not at all tired, so she’d up for staying up all night and working to ID the victim.

The next day, Brennan and Angela are nursing meth hangovers. The initial impression of the victim is that when he got stuck in the wall, the bag of meth he was holding popped, causing him to inhale too much and asphyxiate. To get some fingerprints, Brennan degloves the skin off the hand then wears it”¦ seriously? Was that necessary? Fingerprint comes back as Roy Taylor, otherwise known as DJ Mount, one of the best DJs in the DC area.

The episode gets fairly convoluted (or maybe I was just having difficulty comprehending things when I watched it), so this will be detail light. Booth talks to the club owner and finds out that Mount had a lot of enemies, but his main rival was DJ Rulz. Mount’s father pays Booth a visit with a box of sports medals and trophies, informing Booth that his son graduated third in his class while working a full time job, never drank, never did drugs. Booth is swayed by his impassioned speech and wants to find out what really happened. A belly button ring (with flesh still attached, ew) saying “Luv Rulz” was found behind the wall where Mount was led them to think someone else was in there, and they soon discover that the bag of meth was used to smother him”¦ definitely a murder.

After speaking with Rulz, they find out that the owner of the belly button ring was probably Eve Warren, who had bounced from Rulz to Mount. B&B visit Eve’s brother, who last saw her six weeks ago when she dropped off her daughter and some money with him. She said she was turning her life around and cleaning up. She skipped town often, so he didn’t think anything of it. Mount had promised Eve that he was taking her out of DC and to a better life.

Booth still suspects the club owner, Terrence Baskin, and brings in his security guard who turns out to be an FBI agent in deep cover, investigating what they think is a drug front. Baskin poured cement on a new studio the day after Eve and Mount went missing. The team brings in cadaver dogs, who find Eve’s body, but Baskin has an untouchable alibi. They find an indentation on Eve’s body the same as one they found on Mount’s body, though and while Booth is harassing Baskin, Brennan realizes that it’s the tip of his cane, which finally gives them enough to arrest Baskin.

In the B-plot, Booth is planning a vacation and it’s going to be a coupley one with Tessa. Angela points out that that’s one of the key checkpoints on the way to moving in together. Shortly before they’re supposed to leave, though, Angela hears that Tessa isn’t going. Angela thinks that Booth got cold feet, but Brennan isn’t so sure. After the case is solved, Brennan finds Booth consoling himself with a frilly drink at the Chinese place. Tessa’s the one who called it off. Brennan says she’s sorry for him, but she likes going on vacation alone and hopes he has a good time anyway.

There’s not much going on in this episode as it’s a pretty straight-forward procedural episode. Zach does let slip the most personal information he’s given so far in a moment when he tells Angela about his large family in Michigan who think it’s weird that he works with bones all day. We’ll see his family in one of the Christmas episodes.

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I feel like they try to counteract the racist angles of the plot somewhat… having the girl stick up for Descartes philosophy, having Mount actually not be into the drug scene like his father urged Booth to believe… but there are definitely some problematic stereotypes being thrown around.

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