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Book Clubbing Open Thread

Hello! Happy Thursday night!  We’re here to talk books while we share some space with the open threaders. Last week I asked for some suggestions, and you all really came through! Learn which book we’ll be tackling next, after the cut.

With over a dozen choices in the comments, I chose the one that 1) got the most mentions, and 2) I’ve already read and feel fairly confident discussing intelligently. That book is (drumroll, please!) The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood.

You’ll have two weeks to read before we start discussing the plot, characters, themes, etc.  Next week, we’re going to look at the book in the context of contemporary women’s issues, including reproductive choice, and the power and reach of religion and classism. The following week we’ll talk about the book itself, and the week after we’ll take a look at the movie.  The last week, we’ll have a rousing discussion on women in dystopic novels, comparing The Handmaid’s Tale with other books with female protagonists and dystopic themes.

And for our open threaders, here’s a little completely unrelated music to set the tone for your evening:

Because nothing says Thursday like C-list hair bands from 20 years ago.

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Okay, so I’ve been putting off reading The Hunger Games since mid-August when a friend of mine foisted it off on me. And I have to admit, even though I normally loath and detest books that force kids to kill each other, I really enjoyed the book. I’m really glad so many people on here discussed it during and after Middlemarch Madness. I’m still irked by the ending, but I figure that will be remedied when I read the other two tonight. Hopefully anyway.

Do you have anyone on staff who would be able to write an article about investments (stocks and mutual funds, specifically)? I want to know how to research a stock/fund, especially how to tell if a company meets my ethical requirements (pro-labor, pro-American, pro-women owned business, pro-green movement, espesh a combination of some or all). Or a link to a blog that would be on point is also appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Today was my only day off this week! I’ve been working everyone else’s convocation in the reception tent as a store rep selling chintzy grad gifts. We’re making a ridiculous amount of money as parents forcibly buy their kids things they don’t want. I almost feel bad, but the hours are nice to have.

My own convocation is on Saturday, and since it’s on our satellite campus I don’t have to worry about my parents pulling the same stunt. Today I bought a dress + pair of nice shoes for the occasion and I gotta say, beginning to be excited about the whole shebang. Finally.

Despite being the right age and gender and race to be squarely in Nelson’s target demographic, I was never a fan. However, they came to my venue last year doing a small show: a 2-man acoustic tribute to their father’s music–and I want to mention that they were, frankly, awesome people. They interspersed clips of their dad’s life and music with performances of his hits that were faithful and respectful as well as well-played. They were solidly professional, friendly to the help (us), engaging, self-deprecating [“Anybody remember posters of us looking like female Swedish supermodels?…Aqua Net. White can”], and attentive to their/their father’s fans.

They stayed after the show to meet and speak with and sign autographs for every audience member who wanted them, which ended up taking over an hour. We were done tearing down their small stage before they came back for their gear (Gunnar’s a Mac guy, BTW.) Really good guys. I think of them as Nice Boys even though they’re older than I. So there’s that.

Whoooo I moved the second-to-last carload of stuff from my old place! Okay, so it’s still in my car because it’s dark and raining out. I just need to move my Christmas tree and decorations, a bucket full of paint supplies, and a cot. That’s it. Then I’m done! … okay, well, then I need to work on unpacking, but….

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