E3 Aftermath

E3 is over, and we got a lot of videos and Q&As invading the web. There is also a lot of “feedback” about the different announcement and reveals. Warning: publishers overuse Two Steps From Hell music in their trailers. Also, I’m interested in way too many EA published games; I wonder what that means.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution:
I didn’t really follow the game at E3, mostly because I already pre-ordered it and because I’m avoiding spoilers. They did release a E3 trailer, though; it contains some spoilers, but it’s totally awesome. Best quote: “Some people will be left behind. It’s evolution.”

KoA: Reckoning:
Probably my biggest surprise from E3. Well, I didn’t expect a live, approximately 40-minute walk-through with the dev (something EA does for all their titles, actually). I didn’t expect the game to have sneaking and traps either. Seems more like a real RPG than just an action title. I really like how this game is shaping up; hopefully the PC controls are good. The game world looks vibrant and colorful with a really nice artistic direction. In the interview below, one of the designers mentions that he is tired of games with brown and gray palettes and he want to see beautiful places; so do I. Also, the dev seems to really like their work, always a plus in my book. As for online feedback, what I have seen is positive, although it’s a smaller title and people don’t seem to know it exists… yet.

Mass Effect 3:

Lots of ME3 info at E3: a release date (3/6/12), an updated website, pre-orders are available, and we got to see new features: “sneaking,” the omni-blade,  and Kinect voice recognition support. I can tell that the Vanguard will be 100% more awesome than in ME2 with the emphasis on movement and melee combat. Actually, it sounds almost like they want all the classes to be “vanguarding.” Not much in term of story spoilers, although we got to see quite a few known characters. I hate Ash’s new look, by the way; she doesn’t look like a tough soldier anymore.

Beside that, I didn’t find the demos very interesting. Mostly because you can see there is still a lot of placeholders in there and the core gameplay hasn’t changed from ME2. Although the sneaking and omni-blade are nice features and look fun to use, they aren’t a big addition. Also, the voice support is ridiculous, especially the part where the player says the line that Shep is going to “not say.” How many people will feel totally stupid in their house speaking out loud at the TV?

Star Wars: The Old Republic:
Probably the game with the most different walk-through demos on E3, most of which got an official HD version on the official website. We got the Intro Cinematic (Blur Studio needs to make a full movie of Star Wars that way; it just looks amazing). We got Tatooine and a bit of Alderaan. We got a trailer for end-game content called Operations (multi-group content). We got to see speeders, really compact speeders. A forum poster is keeping track of everything “published” from E3. Lots of interviews and videos in there.

Most people on the official SWTOR forums found this E3 to be disapointing in term of “news” for SWTOR; people wanted a release date, they just got between July and December. If you don’t care about a release date, we got lots of things out of E3: new gameplay features, lots of live demos with devs, etc. BioWare also updated the official websites, and we are getting closer to the game release.

In term of videos, we got the Intro Cinematic for the game, called Return. TOR has three CGI trailers, and it’s actually a trilogy: Return, Hope, and Deceived. Although, I played too much Mass Effect as FemShep to not find it weird hearing the voice of “Bastila” on one of her great-…-great-granddaughters. It’s weirder when she doesn’t say something Shep would say. Still, Return is the best Star Wars stuff made in the last 20 years. Definitively worth watching if you like action combat.

  • Return
  • There a trailer called Choose that mixes-and-matches the three CGI trailers with a different voice over; you only have access to it through EA Origin website. Click on Malgus the Sith Lord to watch.
  • Tatooine (Daniel Erickson has his own fandom, you’ll understand after watching this)
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
  • Official Version of the Tatooine demo.
  • Eternity Vault (I think the coolest part is when the Sith Warriors are jumping at the turrets


We got to see Skyrim footage! Taken from the 30-minute demo that Bethesda presented behind closed door at E3, we almost saw all of it through all the different sneak peeks. Really good stuff in there. OK, first-person sword combat looks similar to Oblivion, but third-person is much better; finisher looks good, and magic is just way much better. Not a fan of the inventory listing things, though. I like the 3D display, just not the list of doom. The map is great. The perks listing looks cool but not amazing in term of pre-planning their acquisitions. But overall, I like the improvements so far. Lots of changes to the games, but it look really good so far. The official forums for Skyrim kind of disagree on a few changes though…

Gamespot version
GT-TV presentation
G4TV presentation/interview It has the best part of the demo…

Other things from E3:
Nintendo revealed their new console. Looks like it’s meant to compete with the current generation xBox 360 and PS3. EA already announced that ME2 and DA2 are going to be “ported” over there and claims that Battlefield 3 could run on it. So expect future multi-platform titles to support the xBox 360, PS3, Wii U, and the PC. Here you can find tech information. It’s pretty much a Wii with upgraded component and a new controller with a touch screen.

Microsoft’s entire press conference was about Kinect. I think the world is over-saturated now. The worst was probably Fable Journey. Although, we got to see people look “stupid” in front of an audience live; that has to count for something.

Besidea that, not that many new things – well, not in the type of games I play. Also, lots of game-makers are keeping their reveals for Gamescon at the end of August.

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