Find Pets with Your Face ““ Or Someone Else’s Face

Yesterday, I came across this post at that pairs humans with dogs based on similarity in facial features. You input your picture, and the doggleganger shoots out a picture of a dog that matches your face. That’s right ““ now anyone can indulge their narcissism to such an extent that even their dogs can be chosen specifically to look like them. Non-New Zealanders, don’t get too excited ““ while you can be paired with a dog, you’ll have a hell of a time adopting that dog since he or she will be in New Zealand.

On one hand, I love this idea because I am really interested in seeing what I would look like in dog form. And I like finding out which dogs look like my friends. More than that, I like anything that promotes adoption of rescue or shelter dogs. My own doggy-dude was a shelter guy, and except for his penchant for going through the trash in search of scraps, he’s just about the best. I really appreciate the fact that there is an effort to find homes for these homeless pets.

On the other hand, this whole thing strikes me as bizarre.  Maybe I’m set in my ways, but pet adoption is all about learning about the responsibilities and difficulties of pet ownership, going down to the shelter, walking slowly from animal to animal, and figuring out which one is right for you. It’s not about tacitly promoting a pets-as-accessories frame of mind.

On the whole, this is a tool that could be used effectively to promote pet adoption, but it’s more of a gimmick than anything else, which, well, duh, since it’s a part of the Pedigree Adoption Drive. Still, after careful thought, I’ve landed on the side of “fun!” with this little tool.  Especially because I can use it to find out which dogs politicians look like!

Please note that I am not making a political statement about politicians being dogs, about these specific politicians being like dogs, or anything like that. I just think that the pairings are hilarious. I mean, I ran the same stuff on me and I like me a lot. For this post, though, I chose four of the politicians in the news ““ Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, and Anthony Weiner.

Here’s Sarah Palin, paired up with an adorable and Australian Cattle Dog. He’s loyal and eager to please, so I expect that he too would prop up her account of Paul Revere’s wild ride. I love that this dog’s face, in spirit, seems so perfectly matched to Palin’s.


Ah, good ol’ Ron Paul. When he isn’t out wooing the votes of impressionable twenty-year-old males, he’s… well, I’m not sure what he’s doing. But this mutt is ready to cuddle, and given Ron Paul’s poll numbers, a good cuddle might just be what he needs.


This is Mitt Romney, paired with a super cute Bull Terrier. This dog is ready to learn some new tricks, and so is Romney. I’m guessing the dog is looking at things like “fetch” or “roll over.” Romney is… well… what about that Massachusetts healthcare plan?


Ah, Anthony Weiner. He’s in the doghouse, and now he can get some company from this greyhound mastiff mix. The dog is only interested in literal bones, but I’m sure Weiner could really use someone to stick by his side right now.

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I’m a terrible Doggelganger, I’ve forgotten.
But just for you I re-did it and got this puppy:

(I am wearing my hair differently today…)

[img] shot 2011-06-10 at 13.10.13.png[/img]

I think this is really cute. I wish I could adopt a dog but live in an apartment and not sure I am ready for the responsibility. I see tiny dogs as accessories every day. In strollers, at stores in shopping carts and of course wearing outfits. Fortunately all the dogs I see have really great lives! If you can adopt, do it!

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