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Flashback Dance Party Time Capsule: Wednesday Open Thread

All of our recent “Where were you in [year]?” and dance party open threads have gotten me thinking about the music of my formative years. As a bona fide Old, most of the music from my teen years shows up only in “Flashback Lunch” features on radio stations and “Nostalgia” stations on Internet radio, but old habits are hard to shake. What’s not hard to shake is your ass, when listening to Billboard‘s #7 Top Hit from the year I graduated from high school:

What songs instantly bring you back to your high school days? Discuss that, and anything else you’d like, in the comments. Have a good Wednesday night!

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Good Vibrations (Marky Mark BEFORE Boogie Nights); I Touch Myself (Divinyls – thanks weird boyfriend who put it on a mix tape); Groove Is in the Heart (Dee-Lite). Ice Ice Baby – not because I liked it, but because a crazy girl in my spanish class would do a dance to it every day for like 6 months.

“Hey Ya!” will forever remind me of high school. It was the one song I never minded hearing at every pep rally or dance (Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” has been ruined for me FOREVER, though).

Annie Lennox’s Bare, Veruca Salt’s Eight Arms to Hold You, and Rasputina’s Frustration Plantation, though… those albums are THE soundtrack to my skipping-out days. My parents made the mistake of buying a car for me before junior year, so I would put on normal clothes under my uniform, pop in one of those albums, and cruise riiiiight on past my school parking lot.

Death Cab for Cutie, the Postal Service, and Damien Rice were the soundtrack to my highschool years. Even still, nothing brings up nostalgia for me like The District Sleeps Alone Tonight!

Also, if I’m being honest here, there were a lot of Broadway soundtracks involved during highschool. Wonderful perils of being in showchoir! The Avenue Q and Wicked soundtracks were constantly on in my car so I could belt them out while driving.

Music that reminds me of high school:
Get Up Kids, Ryan Adams, Bright Eyes, that “Lady Marmalade” cover, Baha Men “Who let the dogs out?” (my homeroom teacher loved singing that song at us), Eminem.

That Mariah track is one of the best summer songs.

High school? Um…

Nirvana “Rape Me” (a very ill-advised party), Destiny’s Child’s “Bootylicious”, The Rocky Horror Picture Show “Timewarp” (MANY Friday nights), Radiohead “Street Spirit”, Pixies “U-Mass”, Garbage (the whole of Version 2.0)…. anything by Greenday.

Good times…

On another note, any European +/ UK-based Persephées out there have the inside track on postgrad eduction in the UK? My friend is choosing between PhD programmes here and in the UK and is looking for any place with extra info.

This has nothing to do with music, but I need to rant on the Internet because I have just spent the last 4 hours ranting with friends and am still angry.

There was just a huge riot in my otherwise lovely city (Vancouver), following our loss in the Stanley Cup (hockey) finals. There were multiple cars set on fire, multiple stabbings, looting, etc. I am furious because some of my friends were downtown where it all happened, and could have gotten badly hurt; thankfully they didn’t, although others did. I am also furious because people channel so much energy into getting angry about hockey, but apparently not about things that actually matter, like politics or human rights.

/end rant. Vancouver is normally a nice place, just not at the full moon. And our police are apparently awesome and professional.

My general area has been known to riot after big sports losses (or wins), both on the professional and collegiate level. It’s infuriating. Most of these people can’t be bothered to vote, but they can invest that much energy into detruction of property after a stupid sports game.

Oh wow, I can’t imagine having that as a semi-regular thing. I imagine that it’s for the opportunities to take “badass” photos of your friends confronting riot squads and to loot luxury goods from department stores. It’s more immediately profitable for meatheads than voting or whatever.

I was surprised given the general classiness of the crowd in the stadium during the broadcast, and the newsanchors didn’t expect this at ALL. I actually gasped looking at the paper this morning- giant pic of two guys in jerseys POSING in front of a burning car. Thanks, Toronto Star. :(

Yeah – plus game 6 went off peacefully, and it could’ve been the last. And I was watching live footage of the riots all last night and hardly anybody taking part was even bothering to keep their faces covered. Most people were taking pictures on their cell phones, or even coming up to the TV cameras and waving. Even if they’d just looted a store or thrown things at the riot squad! Urgh.

Oh dear.
Spice Girls.
Ace of Base.
Radiohead. (my most favorite, favorite band ever)

Really though, I was sort of oblivious to music until college. But I dove in and found my groove then. I’d like to thank Ryan Adams for that. If I had only ever listened to music on the radio I would never know this man existed. Good God is he not just so talented?

I love the shit out of Ace of Base. I like all of Radiohead I know, but I’ve only heard a handful of songs. (I kind of live under a rock) RHCP will always put me in a good mood, even their angsty songs. I was never a fan of the Spice Girls until like six months ago, and now I sneak off to YouTube all the time for a fix.

As if the SuperGrover in your avatar were not enough reasons for me to adore you, let’s be music buddies. Can I interest you in some Breeders, and a little Liz Phair?

I am familiar with Liz Phair but never got into it, I think I was too young for her usual audience. But, now I think I should look into it :)
(not the pop crap she came out with a while back but that Exile in Guyville album I have heard such good things about)

And I’m pretty sure a friend of mine has a stock pile of Breeders. I’m sure it would make his day to get copies of everything. :)

Now, for Radiohead. A lot of people do not care for their melancholy but they may not be listening to it the right way. So, if you want to know Radiohead like I do try this: Get Kid A. It’s a lot of instrumental but it was my intro to them – so it was what got me hooked. Play the album either in your car or on your ipod while driving/riding the bus/riding the train (bus is preferred). Make sure it’s raining. Do not do this if it’s not raining. Now, forget what Thom is singing about. He mumbles a bit so you won’t know the words right away anyway. Instead, listen to what Johnny Greenwood is playing (the guitarist). The boy is skilled. You’ll understand what the song is about by him playing. They use every ounce of sound, every second and every note. When it’s gray and rainy, the music is more vivid. And you may just be as hooked as me. :)

Also, go google Johnny. You will not be disappointed.

Now, I’m off to add to my “More Music” list. Thank you. :) And yes, let’s be music buddies!

First of all I would just like to point out that my dad thinks this blog is pronounced Purse-a-phone. As in telephone.

As for music, well, I just graduated college, so high school wasn’t that far back. Just for reference, the top hits when I was a senior were “Hips don’t Lie” by Shakira, and Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”.

Not a song, but… just watched the first episode of “The Nine Lives of Chloe King,” and it kind of rocked. The acting was “meh,” but it also felt like the actors are going to grow into their characters. A full 50% of the ass-kicking characters were female, which was pretty awesome (the non-ass-kicking characters were split the same way). It was also super-campy.

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