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Fun Time Open Thread

Tonight we will be playing one of my favorite games ever – the Kevin Bacon game!  Except we won’t be using Kevin Bacon because he’s been done to death.  Instead I’m picking actors, pretty much at random, for you to link together.  In my version of the game you are not limited to movies, you can choose from movies, TV, or even stage, everything is fair game.

If you haven’t ever played the game, the object is to link two actors through the movies they have done with other people.  For example, if you want to get from Kevin Bacon to Roberto Benigni you could say, Kevin Bacon was in JFK with Gary Oldman, Gary Oldman was in Bram Stoker’s Dracula with Winona Ryder, Winona Ryder was in Night on Earth with Roberto Benigni.  Got it?  Good.  Here are your choices:

John Belushi to Ben Stiller

Pauly Shore to Naomi Watts

Lucy Liu to Woody Harrelson


Tim Curry to Janeane Garofolo

I haven’t made these connections yet, so good luck.  And feel free to make your own suggestions in the open thread. :)


Photo by Joan Garvin, via Wikimedia Commons


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Katherine Hepburn to Sidney Poitier in Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
SP to Bruce Willis in Jackyl
BW to Ashton Kutcher in That 70’s Show
AK to Katherine Heigel in Killers

That one was tough – Bruce Willis is one of my go to people – he’s worked with everyone!

Tim Curry to Barry Bostwick in RHPS
Barry Bostwick to Michael J. Fox in Spin City (TV)
MJF to Martin Sheen in The American President
Martin Sheen to Janeane in The West Wing.

John Belushi to Stephen Furst in Animal House
Stephen Furst to Denzel Washington in St. Elsewhere
Denzel Washington to Gary Oldman in Book of Eli
Oldman and Stiller both guest starred on Friends. Does that count? I know there’s an Oldman>DiNiro connection somewhere I could squeeze in, I just can’t think of what it is…


I had Eva Longoria to
Julie Benz in Desperate Housewives to
Jennifer Carpenter in Dexter (TV) to
Dewayne Johnson (my Future Baby Daddy lol) in Faster to
Christopher Walken in The Rundown

But your way was much faster!

Oh and the other I suggested..

Ian McKellen to Elijah Wood in LOTR
Elijah Wood to Bruce Willis in North
BW to Tracy Morgan in Cop Out
Tracy Morgan to Tiny Fey in SNL

This is one of my favorite games to play but I can never find anyone to play with!

John Belushi to
Dan Akroyd in Blues Brothers to
Adam Sandler in Coneheads to
Wynona Rider in Mr. Deeds to
Ben Stiller in Reality Bites

Lucy Liu to
Mel Gibson in Payback to
Julia Roberts in Conspiracy Theory to
Keifer Sutherland in Flatliners to
Woody Harrelson in The Cowboy Way

Pauly Shore to
Lori Petty in In the Army Now to
Naomi Watts in Tank Girl

Tim Curry to
Cameron Diaz in Charlie’s Angels to
Ben Stiller in Something About Mary to
Janeane Garofolo in Mystery Men

I’ve never really understood this “degrees of separation” stuff. Is it supposed to be people you know, people you’ve worked with, people you’ve been in the same room with..? For example, I once shook the hand of a member of royalty (a prince heir no less). Does that put me two degrees away from everybody who has ever shaken hands with him? Because that’s a LOT of people!

The brother of a lady whose cottage I used to go to with my aunt in the summer was on Law and Order a bunch of times. So it’s closer than “I once rode the subway with some dude who knows a guy who knows a guy.” Although, even though she’s BFFs with my aunt, it’s not like I’d call her up randomly or anything like that.

Eugh, this past weekend I learned a lesson the hard way: the night after a throat-not-quite-closing allergic reaction, don’t go drinking. Tonight, I learned that 2 beers a full five days after? That may also be too soon. Stupid food allergies (and, yes, going to have the “I think it’s time for an epi-pen” convo with my doc.)

Anyone who’s been through this before? My sinuses and eyes feel inflamed, and flashlight confirmed that throat and cheeks are inflamed. Taking Benadryl at night. At least the dermatitis on my lips cleared up.

(posted from phone so typos may abound)

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