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Geeky Trivia Answers

I love it when I can stump you guys!  I mean, I wouldn’t want to have a bunch of questions that no one can answer, that would be boring, but it’s fun for me when I can come up with a few questions that no one knows.  It makes me feel like I made a well-balanced list.

1.  In The Legend of Zelda video game series, what is the hero’s default name? And what about his horse? ““ Link, who rides Epona

2.  What are the names of the ghosts who chase Pac Man and Ms. Pac Man? ““ Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde

3.  In the Mary Tyler Moore Show, Mary Richards was unmarried. In the original character description, they wanted her to be divorced, but the network nixed that idea because… ““ They were afraid people would think that Laura Petrie had divorced Rob (from the beloved Dick Van Dyke Show)

4.  On average, how long are the white lines between lanes on the road? ““ I thought they were about three feet long, apparently most people say two feet, but they are really 10 to 15 feet long (three or four meters).

5.  What is the Mythbusters’ crash test dummy named? ““ Buster

6.  What is the difference between a “freak” and a “geek”? ““ Back in the days of carnival sideshows, freaks were people who were attractions because of physical deformities, like fish boys or bearded ladies, and geeks were the people who were attractions because of the things they did, like biting the heads off chickens or laying on a bed of nails. Amazing Tattooed Ladies sort of bridged the gap.

7.  What is the significance of “I ATEN’T DEAD”? ““ It is Granny Weatherwax’s sign that she holds when she is out Borrowing so no one will bury her by accident.

8.  Do you know what the Oxford comma is? ““ The hotly contested punctuation before a conjunction in a list.

9.  Before he got his own game, Mario appeared in Donkey Kong under a different name. What was it? ““ Jumpman

10.  Who was the captain of the Enterprise in the pilot episode of Star Trek? ““ Captain Pike

Bonus*  Who shot first? ““ Han. For those of you who don’t know, BaseballChica said it best:

In the original Star Wars: A New Hope, lovable rogue Han Solo (the dashing Harrison Ford) shoots and kills an organized crime lackey who’s come to try to collect money from him. When Lucas re-released the films back when I was in high school, the scene was digitally modified so that Han shot in retaliation to an attack. Basically, because he’s supposed to be a “good guy,” kids should know that good guys don’t shoot first (even though sometimes they do, and sometimes people change, and sometimes they’re just morally ambiguous). Anyway, it became a Thing.

Photo by Kyle Flood from Victoria, British Columbia, via Wikimedia Commons

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