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I saw Bridesmaids the other day, and while I did not love it, I DID love the end dance scene to Wilson Phillips.  I mean, I love pretty much all group dance scenes in any movie, especially one where it looks like the actors are legitimately enjoying themselves.  Also, as with all the songs I like to feature in my Open Threads, this one is timely for where I am this week.

So, without further ado, enjoy a little Wilson Phillips!

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I woke up this morning (after an AWFUL day yesterday; I have a mean case of the morning-after bubble eyes) to an email from PetPortal reminding me that it’s my dog’s birthday today.
He’s a rescue, so we don’t actually know his date of birth, so I’d made one up and forgotten. It’s his first birthday with us! He’s officially eleven :)

Hi all, it’s been awhile. I’ve moved from Queens -> BK and NYC -> Kansas City (any persephies here?!) in the past week and I’m still not fully recovered. Not to mention the long recover/drinking period that it takes to bounce back from finishing my first year of my MA.

Any summer plans? Goals? Puppy pictures?

I brought my rabbit with me and she has a HUGE increase of cage time, which she’s not really handling well. She’s really rambunctious. And it’s a oduble edged sword: the more time she spend in the cage, the more destructive she is out of the cage, thus the more cage time she gets, thus the more desctructive she is out of the cage. I’ve ordered her a playpen, but here’s to hoping that helps…. Any tips on moving pets and adjusting to new homes? The bf has such nice things I just can’t let her run around unwatched!

We had the craziest thunder/lightning/hail/windstorm that woke me up at about 2 a.m., and I couldn’t get back to sleep. Currently chugging cold-brewed iced coffee so I can maybe face the general public for ten hours today without killing anyone. I do not function well on two hours of sleep. At all.

I just started a big Buffy rewatch in the last couple of months, after catching up on the awesomeness that is Dexter over the last year or so, and it was SO WEIRD recognizing Rita as the dainty schoolgirl-cum-evil vampire Darla.

I hope you managed to shake off the almost-nightmare.

I am having my first pap smear in three years on Friday. I’m skeered! My first exam was a no-go with my GP and I came back with my friend (that was a long time ago!) and then I had a very successful next two exams with a gyno. Then I didn’t go for awhile because I was in school and didn’t have health insurance, and then I tried going to Planned Parenthood, but my finicky little vagina wasn’t comfortable, and the Dr told me she wouldn’t prescribe birth control for me until I had a mammogram (and biopsy) on my cyst (even though I had done this entire process the summer before law school and it had been deeply traumatic and come back benign). Oh, and a pregnancy test and a failed pap smear cost me $150, which defeated the purpose of going to Planned Parenthood, to me. So I kind of gave up. But now I am stricken with the fear of getting my period right before the bar exam, and also the possibility that I might murder my boyfriend during PMS, so I am getting back on bc. My concerns are a couple. First, I am not seeing my old gyno, and I don’t know if this person is going to be as understanding and patient with my nerves down there. Second, I’m also afraid that my cyst is going to be a problem again. I seriously am not getting a mammogram and biopsy every year. I talked to my mom (a radiologist) and she said just to mention it up front and explain what happened. I hope that works. Oh, and for come reason I had a flashback to my first pap and I feel like my dr wanted a blood test too. Do they do those with Well Woman exams? Because if yes, I am out. I will risk it, period during bar exam and murdering the boyfriend and all.

Eee. Best of luck. Remember they cannot and should not refuse to prescribe BC based on whether you’ve had a smear test recently or whether they want you to do some other test or treatment. It seems to be common in the US, but it’s not ethical.

Also, if they do recommend another mammogram and biopsy, you can refuse. If you feel like engaging with them you can use the BRAIN acronym: ask about the benefits, risks, alternatives, for more information, and what is likely to happen if you do nothing (which you want).

Yes, it is pretty common. Every doctor I’ve gone to for birth control (which I take purely for the hormone-balancing effects) has denied birth control if I didn’t get a well-woman exam, which seemed really extraneous when I was a virgin. But when you’re young you don’t really know how to stand up for yourself when someone who is supposed to know more than you do is telling you to do something. I had this discussion with my mom when I found my lump and my gyno was trying to force me to get a biopsy at a certain health center, when I wanted a dr I knew who worked with my mom to do it, and was refusing to continue being my dr unless I did. I’m more willing to assert myself, and I like that BRAIN acronym! Thank you!

Hi, a gyn here. A benign breast cyst which has been biopsied in the past shouldn’t keep you from birth control UNLESS you have something like a very strong history of breast cancer in your family. Or if you have some other contraindication to birth control (hypertension, blood clots, bad migraine headaches) that when summed together would make any one of them the sticking point for the prescribing doctor. Blood tests aren’t routine for well woman annuals in young women, unless you want STD testing, then syphillis and HIV might both be blood tests. If you are over 30, the doc might reccomend baseline cholesterol screening, again, if you have a family history that is significant for hypertension and/or heart disease, some very conservative docs want to see that your labs are normal before starting hormones. But if your family history and personal history are negative for smoking, blood pressure, blood clots, breast cancer, and migraine headaches with an aura, you shouldn’t need any blood work to get birth control.

The haircuts are so amazingly bad in this video! My sister and I are going to go see Bridesmaids again next week, so exciting.

Has anyone heard about Fright Night, the new movie coming out with, count ’em, Colin Firth, Anton Yelchin, Chris Mintz-Plasse, and SEXY VAMPIRE HUNTER DAVID TENNANT (!!!!) coming out this summer? I am going to watch the SHIT out of this movie over and over.

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