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I Never Could Get the Hang of Thursdays: OT for 6/2

Well, Persephoneers, even though it was technically a short work week here in the U.S., this week has seemed to be about a month long. Frankly, I’m glad it’s almost over. The weekend is just one work day away! I try to find a few things every day that brings me some happiness, no matter how long or annoying my day has been. Today, it was a Starbucks green tea latte in the morning and a vegetarian burrito in the afternoon, and some really kind words from a coworker when I was feeling a little frustrated. How about you? What happened today that brought you a little joy?

Here’s a little happy music to get us in a better mood. (Thanks to curliestofcrowns and kelsium for the suggestion!)

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I’ve seen Band of Brothers and about half of The Pacific. I sort of ran out of time for TV and haven’t caught up on the DVDs yet. Based on the episodes I’ve seen, I think The Pacific is very well done, but I didn’t like it quite as much as Band of Brothers. All of the performances are good, but there weren’t any that made as much of an impact on me as Damien Lewis’s did. But I think it’s definitely still worth watching.

I had forgotten I had my first session with my new therapist until I checked my voicemails last night, and I am so glad I did! She is way awesome and nice and I totally feel like I might actually get over my social phobia now. And then I paid attention to the ENTIRE lecture in BarBri today. And then I came home and baked a totally awesome-looking and -smelling strawberry summer cake from smittenkitchen and now I am washing my hands of this Commercial Paper essay ad I will go to the gym to work out, which I haven’t done since last week’s worst PMS ever and then my incredibly painful but oddly short period. And I will feel so good!! I like today a lot.

I had an okay day, would have been better except I had this STUPID song stuck in my head. Can I rant for a second? I absolutely loathe Christina Perri’s song “Jar of Hearts”. Who wrote this piece from the dung heap? “You’re gonna catch a cold/From the ice inside your soul”!!! Really? You’re going to get the sniffles from being an emotional eunuch? Really? You’ll have to buy an an extra box of tissues and decongestant because you are cold hearted??? I mean, I get where she is trying to go with that line, but come on! I have not heard such a juvenile, lame or otherwise sophomoric piece of drivel trying to pass itself off as intelligent allusion in a long time. And the damn thing is stuck in my head. ARGH!
Phew! Okay, I’m done ranting. Really, thanks for that. Forecast is puppies, sunshine and ice cream with sprinkles from here on out!

I was having a great day! We had the talent show at school and the teachers (including my uncoordinated self) totally rocked out a dance to Gaga’s Telephone.

Then I got home to a broken refrigerator :( It actually broke 2 days ago and the landlord supposedly fixed it yesterday but it’s not working again. I hate to complain too much because we are getting a great deal on the house and we get lots of perks, but I feel like the landlord tries to do everything himself when he should really just get a professional to do it. For example: the paint on our sink and tub was totally chipping off so he went to the Home Depot and picked up whatever kind of paint the HD guy said he should use and painted. It started chipping within a week and he claimed that we hadn’t let it dry long enough before using the tub and sink. Also, our front stoop cement cracked and he fixed that last September. When the snow thawed we got to see that it’s cracked again.

And now the fridge. Out of curiosity, would it be totally out of line to ask for a discounted rent this month to cover the cost of the groceries we have lost this week? We lost at least $50 worth of meat alone. And $50 is $50.

/rant over. off to find more happy songs.

@POM, I’m on my phone so I can’t reply in-thread. But some work stuff I can’t really talk about seems to be moving in an exciting direction. After a few days in a row of oppressive heat, it was 65 and windy and glorious. The Mister was being super cute today, and well, I’ll leave it at that. I had delicious breakfast for dinner at a restaurant we don’t go to very often, with cherry pie for dessert. And then I capped off the night with an episode of a show I’ve really been enjoying lately (Eureka, on Netflix instant). Good day all around.

It’s been a stressful week because I attended national meetings for my workplace for the first time. I’ve been super nervous but everyone has been really nice. Today the meeting was with mostly older men and I thought they’d be a little hostile because I am so out of my element but they’ve been nothing but lovely and supportive. One guy in particular from a sister organization to mine, who is a freaking genius, gave me his card and told me to call him if I ever had questions about anything that I couldn’t find out where I work. It was a big surprise.

It’s kind of a weird job, but I’m starting to really, really love it.

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