Internet Irony: Yogurt Edition

Ladyblogs and blogs with sections for ladies are writing about Yoplait, after the company pulled an ad after receiving several complaints from individuals with disordered eating. The ad mirrors behavior those with disordered eating work hard to overcome and echos many old tropes linking morality and eating.

The irony part: Each article contains a detailed play-by-play of the commercial and runs a video of the entire ad. Isn’t continuing to keep the ad in the popular media an implicit endorsement of it?

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By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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4 replies on “Internet Irony: Yogurt Edition”

It’s so hard to have an opinion about something like that without seeing the offending thing….This commercial seems to stay in line with their marketing. Like their commercial with the dumb husband (because all men turn stupid after marriage)who is digging around the yogurt filled fridge for key lime pie. When something offends me I try not to buy it anymore but that’s sometimes easier said than done.

On a more positive yogurt note, using plain Greek yogurt as a sour cream substitute has made me a very happy eater of burritos, black bean chili, omelets and countless other things!

Agreed, it is hard to form an opinion without seeing the commercial, but I think it’s less about my right to decide whether or not someone who’s life experiences are completely different than mine is allowed to be offended, and more about honoring the wishes of those who didn’t want people suffering from disordered eating to have to be exposed to the commercial. It seems like a snub to go ahead and run it in a dozen widely read online sites aimed at women, some of whom are most likely those that had a legitimate beef with the ad to begin with.

I hear plain Greek yogurt is delicious with lentils. I kid, but there seems to be some kind of cosmic non-sequitor connection between this ad and plain Greek yogurt, b/c every comment thread on every column talking about the ad has someone raving about it within the first ten comments.

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