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Introducing the Weekly Round-Up!

So the other editors and I have decided to do a Friday evening round-up each week. Our main reason for wanting to do this, other than the fact that it’ll be fun, is that our schedule is so packed every day that even our most devoted readers probably miss a post or two. And that’s a goddamn shame.

Aaaaaaand guess who volunteered to do the first one? Everyone’s favorite kiss-ass: me. So now that it’s the weekend and you’re in your elastic-waisted pants (at least, you’d better be), why not look back at the week that was?

Just For Funsies ““ I was actually happy to see that Alice had written about those crazy toe-shoes, because I’d been dying to know what they were really like!
Food For Thought ““ Jen’s Morbid Curiosity was even more morbid than usual, as she made something called Bacon Roll Sunburst. Click if you dare.
Current Events ““ BaseballChica’s post last night about the gay marriage vote in NY is a great update on the issue and it, along with Jamie’s great post on Monday, is important read as the LGBT community and their allies continue the fight for equal rights.
Muggles, Unite! ““ Crystal tells us all about Harry Potter-ville!
Women’s Issues ““ Olivia discussed the recent issue of women in Saudi Arabia wishing to have the right to drive.
Softer Side ““ I have to be honest, HelloKitty’s Father’s Day post made me tear up. Lovely.

Anyway, that’s just the tip o’ the iceberg! If you’re daring enough to venture out from the Open Thread this weekend, take a look at the rest of the awesome stuff we’ve posted in the last five days.

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