Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred: Day 2 (or the Aftermath of Day 1)

Yesterday I eagerly put Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred DVD into my DVD player. My weights, which have sat next to the television for two years were surprised when I picked them up off of the floor. My shoes were tied, my water bottle full. It was 6:10am. I was ready for Jillian to kick my ass.As she did. The workout came back to me after a few minutes, the jumping jacks, the butt kicks, the lunges with weights. I made it through.

And this morning I got up, and felt it. Did I feel it, all rightРin my arms, and in my chest in particular. I was, um, very aware that yesterday  I did push ups for the first time in ages. Very, very aware.

But I went ahead and did it again. And you know what? It was just a little bit easier.

So I’ll probably do Day 3 tomorrow.

What did you do today?

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I’m going into my second month of Cross-fit, which seems to have similar aspects of these Shred and px workouts. Simple exercises- strength and cardio- done at high intensity. I go to a gym to do it or else I slack. My workout yesterday was 500m row, 40 squats, 30 situps, 20 pushups, 10 assisted pullups. Today was run 800m, 30 modified muscle-up, run 800m. It’s something different every day, so I don’t get bored, and it constantly challenges my perception of what my body is physically capable of.

Inspired by you, yesterday I did the ballet workout on Exercise TV (thanks, whoever linked to that!) and the first circuit of Shred Day 1. That was the first time I’ve worked out after an injury 3 months ago, and it was bad, but felt gooood.

Okay, I did Day 1 of Ripped in 30. I’ve been doing a lot of the 6 Week 6 Pack lately. In the past Ripped has killed me, but today it seemed easier than I remembered. I hope I can get my butt out of bed and do 6 Pack again in the morning (it’s a little easier), with Ripped in the evening.

Last time I did Ripped, I got half way through Week 3, got my period, and quit (I hate sweating when I’m ragging). This time I don’t have to worry about my period interfering and ruining everything! Yay! I’m going to try to keep up with you, so keep it up!

I pulled a muscle in my back pulling ivy on Sunday so I did very little yesterday and today – but I have a good excuse!

This injury has made me realize I need to work on toning up a bit more and I think I may just be motivated to start using the Netflix Instant workout programs again. I’ll also be looking out for Jillian’s Shred thing but I also need to find weights…

Once I can bend over – or move with any sort of speed – I’ll be at it!
Ivy! Prepare! I am coming for you!

30 Day Shred is deceptively difficult. How hard can a 27-minute with 3lb weights be, I asked myself, to someone who’s accustomed to doing 45-50min workouts from The Firm with 8lb weights and an incline? Hard, is the answer. Very, very, very hard. It’s the lack of even the tiniest modicum of recovery throughout the full 27 minutes that gets you.

I do enjoy Jillian Michaels as an instructor; she’s not bubbly or a Pollyanna.

Another one I like is “Calorie Explosion” from The Firm series. I was getting kind of disappointed in recent videos from The Firm; they seemed too easy (and it wasn’t just me getting more in shape – I’ve been doing The Firm for 7 years, all the way back to the original Fanny Lifter). Calorie Explosion lets you mix and match from four 12-minute workout segments, using only 3lb-5lb dumbbells. Unlike previous videos from The Firm, you’re working your ass off during the full 12 minutes with zero time for recovery. Zero. And by “ass” I mean, you think you’re going to die every few seconds. It’s awesome; a challenge.

The thing I love-hate about The Firm and other videos with light dumbbells is that someone just watching the video (not doing it) might not think it’s that hard. I mean, 3lbs? You gotta be kidding me, might as well not be holding anything in your hands, amirite? And, oh my god, no, wrong. It’s possible to work very hard with light weights. Which is awesome, because I can stash the 3lb dumbbells in my carry-on suitcase and get a genuinely good workout on the road (without going over the baggage limit).

If you do this, learn from what the TSA agent told me: take out the hand weights and put them in a bin to go through the X-ray machine separately. The agent may inspect them when they come out the other end, but hand weights are not specifically prohibited in a carry-on, and I’ve never had a problem bringing them (knock wood).

Today, I woke up after skipping my workout and drowning my feelings in a sundae, and told myself I would definitely go to the gym tonight. haha. I’ll probably do my standard cardio: 30min. of incline intervals on the treadmill. On that note, I’m leaving lab, so I can actually do that.

I did it last night.

Hoo boy.

I’m a bit of a cardio junkie, so the jumping jacks and that bit felt fine. It was when the weights became involved, or I was expected to do push-ups, where things went awry. During the strength section there were more than a few moments where I just fully stopped and swore at the computer (where I was streaming it). Afterwards my legs and arms felt like jelly and I actually had a semi-difficult time typing. I can feel it today, but I imagine it’ll be tomorrow when the pain sets in for serious.

Thanks for posting this! I love watching others progress as well as documenting my own! :)

I am opposite. Bring on the weights, but cardio might kill me. If you like cardio, you should try “”Banish Fat Boost Metabolism.” Butt kicks, followed immediately by high knees, and then right into jumping jacks, and then you do standing side crunches to “recover,” for example. She also has a lot of jump work in that one, which is incredible at sculpting legs, but omg, it is awful, for me. You will probably love it.

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