Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred: Day 3 (or the day I Modified a Jumping Jack)

So I’m having fun blogging my journey with Jillian, please feel free to jump in at any time! Today is day three. I can’t decide if I’m more aware of my arms or my legs today. I think the arms still have it.

But I’ve become award of my quads, and of my knees. Now if you’ve seen the level one routine of the 30 Day Shred, you know the line, “If you’re looking for the modified version of the jumping jack, look elsewhere. I have 400 lb people who can do jumping jacks, you can too.”

Here’s the thing — some days I can’t. Some days, my knees (thanks for the oestoarthritis, maternal side) are not pleased with jumping jacks. Some days, I DO modify jumping jacks (don’t tell Jillian on me, please).

I modifying jumping jacks by moving my legs, but not jumping. I continue waving my arms around like a I’m trying to get somone’s attention, but I step from side to side with my legs. It’s still a cardio move. It’s not quite the heart-rate raiser a regular jumping jack is, but it also doesn’t make my knees catch on fire. So I’m OK with that.

What kind of exercises do you modify either on the Shred or other routine?


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From one busty girl to another: Bendan Sport!!! I cannot recommend their sports bras enough. I have three, and while I had to pay more upfront (like $45 each, I think) than the average sports bra, I’ve had them for years and they really changed what I can comfortably do working out. I’m a DD cup size, and I never even feel discomfort anymore working out.

Okay, infomercial over now.

I do the cheap version: regular underwire bra, cinched a bit tighter on the straps than usual, plus a support top over that. It works well enough, but I also tend to hold my arms pretty close to my chest on the jumping parts…
I’ve heard good things about the Enell but haven’t tried it myself yet.

I have the same problem, even after a reduction. I also have huge problems with the jumping jacks and lunges, thanks to lousy knees (I’ve had surgery on those, too). I don’t think Jillian is able to relate to either problem. I’ve noticed that people whose bodies just *work* — don’t get it when other people have difficulties.
I get some pretty good workout bras from Title 9. They have a really big selection and they are rated according to how active you are going to be. Go all the way and pick bras that have 4 or 5 dumbbells associated with them and you will just move a little bit still. One really good one is the “last resort bra.” I still have a little ouchiness but nothing compared to the stupid useless Champion bras or whatever it is they sell in regular stores.
Also, no uniboob!

I have major, major lower back problems – so much so that crunches that involve you lifting your legs off the ground are killer. My abs, while weak, can take it; but my back screams in pain when that kind of pressure is put on my hips. So I always either tuck a VERY fluffy pillow under my hips for those moves, or just modify down with my feet back on the ground again.

After seeing your original post on this I have ordered the DVD on Amazon and it should be here by the end of the week so I am going to join in a week behind! I’m not especially fit so I think I’m going to be aiming to do it every other day and do my easier 10 Minute Target Toning on the in between days. I haven’t got any weights yet though – do you need these and if so, what weight do you use?

Am enjoying reading how you’re getting on with it.

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