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Ladyghosts: Battlestar Galactica 1.06 “You Can’t Go Home Again”

Previously on Battlestar Galactica, Starbuck confesses to Adama; Boomer and Helo find the radiation shelter on Cylon-occupied Caprica; Starbuck is taken out by a Raider and falls and falls into a fiery atmosphere, and brinkswomanship writes a very long and overwrought recap ““ she’ll try to restrain herself this time!

Hotdog is collected from his crippled Viper, and ceremoniously pinned with wings by a distracted Apollo, who is sent straight back out by Adama to find Starbuck.

On the surface of a barren, baking, rocky world, Starbuck is dragged painfully across the uneven surface by her parachute until she hacks her way free of the tangle.

Theme music!

On Galactica, the crew knows that Starbuck only has 46 hours or so of oxygen. They think they have a few days before any Cylons show up looking for their missing scouting party.

Starbuck is in bad shape, with no radio and limited oxygen. Apollo is scanning for her, but the atmosphere is full of crap and the visibility is terrible.

On Caprica, Boomer and Helo bond over clean sheets and breakfast. Suddenly, some Centurions show up and, alerted by a toaster (oh, the irony), discover the humans. A firefight ensues, and Helo is knocked out in the fray.

Starbuck, throwing up irreverent prayers for more oxygen, finds the downed Cylon Raider instead. Above her, Apollo gets recalled due to increasing damage to his ship by the atmosphere. On Galactica, Adama is beset by doubting officers.

Helo wakes up, some hours after the firefight, to find Boomer missing. He wanders dazedly out into the street and shouts, unheeding of the danger, but she’s gone.

Starbuck slashes her way into the Raider. It’s as gross as it sounds.

Apollo recommends corralling the ships around the rocky world, to save fuel and keep the civilian ships close enough for some protection. Tigh protests, and he and Apollo go toe to toe, before Adama separates them, and tells Apollo to “find our girl.”

Starbuck is inside the belly of the beast. She finds the brain and rips it out. “Good thing I brought one of my own,” she wisecracks. Her next priority, given her oxygen situation, is to work out how it breathes.

Roslin calls Apollo, concerned about the redeployment of the ships. He tells her it was his idea, and she begins to realise the madness goes even deeper than she thought. In the meantime, the clock on the deck of Galactica tracking Starbuck’s oxygen runs to zero, although Adama remains stubbornly optimistic.

Starbuck, cajoling the Raider, keeps looking for the oxygen. She finally finds a tub that hisses out gas, which the atmosphere test shows is oxygen. She takes off her mask and sticks the tube in her mouth. Yummy.

Roslin calls Galactica, giving Adama condolences; he gruffly corrects her, and tells her the search is ongoing.

Starbuck seals up the Raider and starts deconstructing the flight controls.

Roslin arrives at Galactica unannounced, ready to reel in the unraveling crazy men in charge. When she confronts Adama and Apollo, she is understanding of their position, but maintains that they are honorable men, and if they are willing to put 45,000 lives at risk for one, then mankind is doomed. Chastened but firm, Adama calls off the search.

Starbuck tentatively reaches for the controls, and the Raider is in the air; she cackles.

Apollo confronts Adama about whether they’ve dealt with Zac’s death. Adama admits that he hasn’t, but that sometimes you break rules for family, and if Apollo were down there, they would never leave. As they prepare to jump out of the system, a lone Cylon Raider appears. Apollo heads out in his Viper, and fires on the Raider. It out-maneuvers him, to his frustration, ending up flying in formation directly above him. As he looks up, it flips over and he starts laughing. One wing reads STAR, the other BUCK.

Adama and Starbuck are reunited in the hospital wing. She’s forgiven, and she gets his last cigar. And this show is so awesome.

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