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Ladyghosts: Battlestar Galactica 1.07 “Litmus”

Previously on BSG, Helo loses Sharon during a fight with a Toaster Cylon, and we get a quick recap of a bit of the second miniseries episode, when Public Relations Specialist Doral is accused of being a Cylon, and is subsequently left at Ragnar. No mention of how frakkin awesome Starbuck was last episode, which is sad, because damn. So much awesome.

This episode opens on Galactica, as we follow two separate actions: First, Chief Tyrol and Boomer have not ended their relationship, as per Colonel Tigh’s orders. They are, however, going to greater lengths to not be seen, as Boomer specifically says she went through “the hatch combing on C causeway.”

At the same time, we see the back and legs of a vaguely familiar-looking man, who strays from the civilian group he’s purportedly with, and as soon as he is identified by Commander Adama, he blows himself up. He is Doral and he is indeed a Cylon. I hate it when Baltar’s unknowingly right, don’t you?

CYLON GO BOOM. Note the loyalty and love on the left there.

There are three dead and 13 wounded from the suicide bombing.  Adama informs the Master-at-Arms, Sgt Hadrian, that the Cylons look like us, and that the security breaches have become unacceptable. Sgt Hadrian receives permission to form an independent tribunal to look into the security breaches. Adama tells Tigh that he “owes him one,” as Colonel Tigh dived on top of Adama as the explosion was happening.

Chief Tyrol busts Callie and two of the other deckhands attempting to brew their own hooch, and while it seems for a moment he’s going to reprimand them, he instead tells them that he’ll show them how to properly brew their own booze.

And then we jump to Cylon-Occupied Caprica! Hot Hot Helo is all by his lonesome, except for the three Cylons watching him from a neighboring rooftop. We see CylonSharon talking to a Six and a Doral, and learns that her seduction of Helo is a trap! (Where’s Admiral Akbar when you need him, eh?)

Back on Galactica, Adama is convincing President Laura Roslin that they need to tell the public that Cylons look like humans, and that there’s a tribunal investigating the attacks. Roslin is suspicious of the tribunal, cautioning that witch hunts often harm innocent people.  By the next scene, however, said witch hunt is already underway. Three deck crew members (who were all attempting to make their own alcohol at the time) all gave different alibis for themselves ““ and for Chief Tyrol, who was hooking up with Boomer.

Sgt Hadrian, Witchfinder Army

Aboard Colonial One, President Roslin announces to the entire fleet that Cylons look like humans, and reveals photos of Leoben and Doral, asking the public to look out for these men.

Immediately after the press conference concludes, Sgt. Hadrian appears to take both Boomer and Tyrol in for questioning by the tribunal. Boomer denies her relationship with Tyrol, and denies she was with him during the attack. Chief Tyrol is questioned more seriously, while Callie and the other deckhands argue about Tyrol’s innocence. Back at the tribunal, Hadrian is hammering Tyrol about the hatch combing at causeway C ““ the route Boomer took when she met up with him the night of the explosion. We find out that just down causeway C is an arms locker, the source of the explosives used in the bombing. Tyrol is questioned as to his false alibis, and when asked if he was meeting with a Cylon agent, he invokes his right to remain silent ““ though the tribunal claims that is evidence of his guilt. One of the two non-Callie deckhands is questioned and he confesses that he left his post, and he left the hatch open ““ though it’s quite clear he’s trying to take the fall for the Chief.

Down in the sick bay, Gaius, at his most smarmy, has brought Starbuck a recovery cigar. Starbuck suggests that the bomber was trying to make his way to blow up Gaius and his project, and Gaius freaks out. (Gaius has two modes: smarmy, and freaking out. It’s really all he does.) Gaius leaves, conversing with HeadSix (or nobody, if you’re a passerby) until he threatens to destroy his project himself, at which point Six slams him up against a wall, chokes him a bit, orders him to continue on with his work per her instructions, and then kisses him.

You wouldn't like Six when she's angry.

Back on CYLON-OCCUPIED CAPRICA, Six beats the crap out of Sharon, assumedly to make it look like she got hurt fighting the Cylons who supposedly captured her.

Back to Galactica! Adama and Roslin are on the phone, discussing Specialist Socinus’ (Deckhand 1 has a name!) indictment for conspiracy and collusion, and Roslin brings up Chief Tyrol. Adama mentions his father was a civil liberties lawyer ““ tuck that bit of info away for later – but Roslin wants to dispense with legality. Adama defends Tyrol, and then some armed guards show up to take him to the tribunal.

Helo Again! (The jumping back and forth is getting silly at this point.) While exploring a bombed-out building, Helo comes upon a toaster-Cylon, which he kills, and then finds a bruised and bloody Sharon. Helo and Sharon kiss briefly, then limp away together as Six and Doral watch from above.

Galactica! Adama’s being questioned by the tribunal, and Sgt Hadrian essentially lays total blame for the bombing at Adama’s feet. She begins to question Adama about Tyrol and Boomer’s relationship, at which point Adama snaps, declares the tribunal a witch hunt and shuts it down. After an attempt at a standoff, Sgt Hadrian is taken away.  President Roslin announces that the tribunal has come to an end, and Specialist Socinus has been found guilty of assisting the Cylons.

Adama is angry, frustrated .... and attractive as hell in glasses.

In Adama’s quarters, we get our inaugural shot of Adama Working On His Model Ship, and we should really start a tally of how many times we see that thing. Tyrol enters, confesses that Socinus took the fall for him, and that he was with Boomer during the attack ““ something Adama clearly assumed all along. Adama tells Tyrol that he’s going to have to deal with the fact that one of his men is in the brig because of him, and implies that the only reason Tyrol isn’t is because Adama needs him to keep the ships flying.

Tyrol meets with Boomer, and breaks up with her. He then asks if she left the hatch door open, implying he suspects her of aiding the Cylon. She’s indignant, and leaves.

A rocky ending for a rocky episode, eh? Tune in later this week for “Six Degrees of Separation.”

And thanks to Monchichi for the fantastic screencaps!

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The thing about Baltar is that he’s almost always unknowingly right. I guess that comes with being a genius. What do you take the Six he sees to be? Crazy hallucination? Weird manifestation of intuition (that’s some sexy intuition)? I can’t wait until we get to the end of the show so we can talk about the last scene (even though the finale was seriously weak in my opinion).

At any rate, she’s an interesting storytelling/character building device.

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