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Ladyghosts: Veronica Mars, 1.22, “Leave It To Beaver”

This, according to Netflix, is the “action-packed season finale!”  I know it’s been a couple weeks since my last recap, but hopefully we can all remember what has happened.  A lot happens in this episode so it’s going to be a long recap. Let’s get going!

Apparently Cheyenne, the prostitute that Abel Koontz was with at the time of Lilly Kane’s murder, has agreed to come forward.  Papa Mars is trying to get a reporter to talk to Cheyenne to break the story that Koontz has an alibi, but the reporter isn’t into it.  Keith gives the reporter a folder with other evidence and hopes for the best.

When Keith comes home, he sees Veronica and Lianne laughing and preparing dinner together.  A happy family?? Maaaybe, because Keith has also received the results of the DNA test that he sent away for.  Get your Maury voices ready for when I reveal the results!  I guess he has also hired Neptune’s Only Lawyer to sue the Kanes, but NOL is feeling a little scared about it.  Which, really? I mean, they can’t even get another lawyer… he’s the only one in Neptune!

Cut to a mysterious interaction between Dick and Beaver Casablancas, reading the news story that the reporter did decide to publish.  Beaver is getting all panicky about the evidence revealed in the story and Dick says, “To the grave. That’s what we said.”  What do they know??  Wallace and Veronica are also reading the story and feeling pretty happy about it, until they see Logan in the hallway and Veronica ducks into the bathroom to avoid Logan.

Cut again to Keith who is dumping Wallace’s mom because he wants to keep his family together.  Meh. I found her to be a little abrasive.  I’m not all that broken up about this.

Over at the Kanes’, Duncan is pretty pissed about the revelations in this news story.  Jake Kane gets all sad-faced and tells Duncan that he “had a fit” and killed Lilly.  A flashback scene shows Duncan all True Blood with blood all over his mouth.  It’s like a Buffy/VM cross-over!  BUT, we’re seven minutes into the episode, and if I know Veronica Mars, and I think I do…this isn’t going to be the end of it.  Then the Kanes get a visit from the process server and seem a little bummed that they’re getting sued.  It seems petty in the face of Jake Kane’s big revelation.

Next, we see Veronica at school and Beaver tells Veronica that Logan came up from Mexico the day Lilly was killed because he had just learned that Lilly was seeing someone else.  Beaver says Logan had bought Lilly a shot glass in Mexico.  When Veronica tells her dad about it, he looks up the inventory of Lilly’s car, which had the shot glass in it.  Meaning that Logan saw Lilly the day she was killed.  So Logan is a suspect too now? Did everyone kill Lilly? The whole town?!  Veronica goes to talk to Logan and tells him she just felt weird about where she and Logan were going and that’s why she took off.  She does not tell him the real reason is that she found the creepy video camera in the pool house.  Anyway, Veronica says she needs to be alone for awhile and Logan seems to be understanding.  Logan also tries to say that Duncan killing Lilly is the only thing that makes sense.  When Veronica calls her dad to tell him about her meeting with Logan, Weevil literally comes out of the shadows after overhearing Veronica’s phone conversation.  He is seriously going to mess up Logan if he thinks Logan did it.

So now Keith and Neptune’s Only Lawyer are sitting down with the Kanes (who do not have their own counsel present. Because there’s only the one lawyer).  I guess Keith was suing because Celeste Kane had refused to give him that check for finding Duncan.  So the Kanes say they’ll settle and give Keith his reward for finding Duncan as long as Veronica relinquishes her rights to the Kane estate.  At home, Veronica agrees to sign the papers, saying she doesn’t want to have anything to do with the Kanes.  Cue your Maury voices, because Keith says that Veronica wouldn’t be entitled to anything since… Jake Kane, you are NOT the father!!! For reals though, incest would have been a little much for the CW.  I read somewhere that they originally pitched this show to HBO, and if it had been on HBO, Duncan and Veronica would have been half-siblings.  I don’t know if that’s true, but I buy it.

Anyway, Veronica and Keith go to the authorities with Logan’s alibi being blown and Sheriff Lamb shows up to search Logan’s room.  Meanwhile, Weevil is in the school parking lot about to beat Logan with a pipe, right as the sheriffs come to take Logan down to the police station.  Logan’s ass is saved from Weevil.  And he’s getting all smart-ass with Sheriff Lamb and uses his phone call to call Veronica to help him out, which prompts Lamb to tell Logan that Veronica was actually the one to turn Logan in.

Logan gets released and confronts Veronica.  He tells Veronica that he wrote Lilly a letter that he put in her car along with the shot glass.  But since the letter wasn’t found in the car, Veronica decides she needs to do some espionage.  She dresses as a cater waiter to get into the Kane estate.

Oh, sad times though, because when she grabs a bottle of water from the fridge, it turns out her mom had filled it with straight vodka, which she was drinking while they were making dinner.  How did no one smell that?

So Veronica is in the Kane house and breaking into Lilly’s vent when Duncan tackles her for breaking in.   Veronica tells him that she doesn’t think Duncan did it and that she thinks Logan did.  In the vent they find two videotapes.  They are tapes from the Echolls’ poolhouse.  One shows Lilly spotting the video camera and ends when Lilly gets out of bed.  The other is a tape of Lilly and… Aaron Echolls having sex!!  I was totally surprised when I saw that. Aaron having sex with Lilly hadn’t even been on my radar.  So Veronica realizes what happened.  A flashback shows Lilly taking the tape out of the VCR (so quaint! I love it) and Aaron coming in and realizing that she took it.  Lilly goes home, hides the tape in her vent and goes out to sunbathe.  Aaron Echolls shows up, asks for the tape back, hits her and kills her.  Duncan was the first one to find her and when the Kanes came out, they thought that he was the one to kill her.  Hence the cover-up.

Veronica goes to take the tapes to her dad, but before she does, she lets Duncan know that she’s not his sister.  So, that’s one less thing for Duncan to be devastated by.  As she is on her way, we see Logan drinking and standing on the side of a bridge as though he’s about to jump.  Veronica is calling him, presumably to apologize for turning him into the cops, and Weevil and his biker gang are surrounding him, ready to exact their revenge.

As Veronica is driving, she calls Duncan who says he can’t find Aaron Echolls at the party.  You know why? Oh, he’s just hiding in Veronica’s back seat like an urban legend! (And the hook was still in the door!!)  Veronica crashes her car and when she comes to her phone is ringing and Papa Mars is getting worried.  She takes the tapes from the mostly unconscious Aaron and runs to a nearby house.  No one answers the door and Veronica runs to the back and tosses tapes in various locations as she sees that Aaron has left the car.  Just as someone answers the door Aaron punches the homeowner (who looks like Jeff Bridges) and then Veronica.  Veronica wakes up inside a chest freezer while Aaron talks to her through a walkie-talkie and pours gasoline all over the back deck.  Aaron is babbling about Joan of Arc and asking for the tapes, as Keith uses Veronica’s GPS to track down Veronica’s car.  So he and Aaron are fighting.  Fight fight fight.  It’s hard to describe a fight scene.  But Keith more or less wins, but not before Aaron flicks his bic and sets the deck on fire.  Of course Keith walks through fire to get to his daughter and rescues her from the freezer.  Holy shit though! He caught on fire! Stop drop and roll!  But Veronica puts it out as Aaron is escaping.  As he’s trying to escape, Aaron gets hit by a truck and Veronica comes up with a gun telling the truck driver not to help Aaron and to call the police.  Whew! That was tense!  Aaron is getting arrested, Keith is alive and being taken to the hospital and the Kanes inexplicably show up at the scene to scream at Aaron Echolls.

Veronica goes home to kick her mom out of the house for drinking and not finishing rehab.  Veronica had sent Wallace’s mom, whose name I can never remember (Angela?) (Ed. note: Alicia, played by the awesome Erica Gimpel. -PoM) to be at the hospital when Keith wakes up.  Now I feel bad for saying she’s abrasive.  As Veronica sleeps, she dreams of floating on a lily-covered pool with Lilly Kane.  She wakes up to knocking on the door and says, “I was hoping it would be you” to an unseen person.  Who was it? Duncan? Logan? Wallace? Leo? Dick and Beaver Casablancas? Weevil?!?!!?  We’ll never know because that was the end of the season!!  Thanks for joining me on this journey, friends!

By Luci Furious

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