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LTP: 6/13

Happy Monday, readers! We’re kicking off another awesome week at Persephone, and I hope you’re in the process of kicking off an awesome week for yourselves.  We’ve got lots of cool stuff to read readied behind the scenes, I can’t wait for you to read some of the great stuff our writers are writing.

For today’s LTP, partly because my diabolical poll last week went over like a brick, I’m keeping it simple.  What’s on your desk?

You’re going to laugh at my list:

Monitor, TARDIS USB hub, speakers, lamp, three coffee mugs, empty pack of Camels, ashtray (also empty), bottle of generic Aleve, most of a frosty cold Diet Coke, a paper towel, two pens, two tiny screws, a video card and seven (yes, seven) lighters.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

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Fergus MacBook (I named my MacBook Fergus), ancient school-issued pc laptop, six happy Buddhas, Captain Kirk and Captain Picard in pewter, photo of mom, photo of me and friends at Ocean City last summer, box of business sized envelopes, application to culinary school which I really am sending in this year, and a 10 year old, snoring cat.

I just cleaned my desk last Friday afternoon so the end to end film of paper is more tidy and piled into folders but this is what I’ve got (oh, hey! I can actually see everything!)
phone, computer stuff, kleenex, mug filled with file clips, mug filled with cold coffee, jar of paper clips, daily Jeopardy calendar (Answer: Sorry, Charlie, Maguro is this kind of fish, like yellowfin – $200. Question: ??) Pop-up PostIt holder, neon pink postits. Water bottle from Next Adventure (empty) :( Calculator. Figurine from our dept scavenger hunt, heck yes I won. Super Stapler. Desert Tortoise figure from the Red Rocks State Park in NV. Travel coffee mug from Starbucks with cold green tea from my commute.

I really wish our kitchenette was closer.

Want to know what’s hanging on the walls of my cube? One white fluffy crown and wand from a team fun day event (the pink sash ripped). Bus Schedule. Calendars by week (FY2010, FY 2011) Accounting reports access codes, birthday card from the office and pictures of: Dad with “giant sea creature” (I forget what the fish was) that he caught in Alaska, Vogue picture including Irving Penn and Kevyn Aucoin in Parisian studio, Sidney attacking my boot, a friend and I at a UO football game in our lovely ponchos. One plastic pony – an award for winning the dept laser tag match. US map by Region – color coded! Finally! Tillamook Cheese button.

It’s a busy desk. But now it’s a clean desk (sort of – I can do a lot of damage in 4 hours).

I miss my desk :( It’s back at my apartment where I went to school, waiting for me to pack it up and take it to its new home. If I had my desk with me, though, it would have the following on it: phone, iPod, desk lamp, scattered writing utensils (pens, pencils, markers, highlighters), notepads and sticky notes, various pieces of mail, computer, headphones, kindle, cans of Dr Pepper, external hard drive, thumb tacks, assorted candy.

I really miss my desk.

The couch is my desk, so: a can of diet coke, three remotes (TV set, X-Box, Apple TV), the Kindle, my camera, a netflix envelope with a disc of Cesar Milan in it, the book I finished reading last night (The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay), a throw pillow, a tug-o-war rope for the dog, a business card for a local florist, a backup can of diet coke, and two pages of sketches for the save the dates my fiance finished making this weekend. PHEW.

My coffee cup, seven paper coffee cups, an empty pint glass (used for water), numerous pens, loads of paper, unsorted, some post-it notes (one of which I’m using as a timesheet), my retainer, a box of tea, Les aventures d’Alice au pays des merveilles, a paper plate, and a Go set.

(This IS my work desk.)

Phone, computer, files, notepad, calculator, container of pens, empty coffee cup, water bottle, Iphone, stress ball in the shape and color of an actual grenade, ball filled with water and another small ball inside it, small bottle of lotion and one bejeweled HelloKitty mechanical pencil courtesy of my bf.

Mine is pretty boring, since it’s my work desk – computer, phone, notebooks/binders, recycle, and then on my shelf I have bunch of industry magazines I’m behind on, some allergy medicine, books, and a cactus. At home, I don’t have a desk. Usually I’m either on my bed or couch with the laptop.

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