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LTP: 6/14

Hi, team! So this is a weird time of year, eh? Some people are in a great mood because the rhythm of their lives is switching over to “summer,” while those of us for whom “summer” is nothing but a hotter time of year are feeling a little cranky.

So I thought today’s LTP would be a simple vent-fest: Who has something they want to vent about?! I have something, but I’m saving it for a post later today. So if you’re still full of piss and vinegar later, stop on by!

Oh, and I know we usually only do videos for Open Threads, but this was too perfect…

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I’m sorry that a large portion of the country has been hit with insane heat but would it kill The Weather to bring a little heat over to the Pacific Northwest? Please? It’s cloudy and cold here. It rained yesterday. (Also, if those of you are suffering from the heat, come over and cool off. You’ll feel great. I made fresh lemonade.)

I shouldn’t have to wear a coat outside at 1pm! It is JUNE.

Also – I hate my electricity company right now. Twits. Morons. Roaming band of nimrods.

I live in the shittiest city of all time ever.
-It’s basically impossible to find a decent place to live so in September the boyfriend and I have to move back in with my Dad. The place we’re subletting now has a very well supported drug culture and people are getting robbed outside it all the freaking time. But because there is no where to live, the landlords can charge completely unreasonable amounts of money for no space! We looked at an “apartment” a few months ago. It was basically a storage room with a bathroom. It had a fridge the the bathroom and a microwave with a hotplate placed precariously on top of it as a bedside table. The whole place was maybe 175 square feet and he wanted $1000/month for the place… AND HE GOT IT. Robbery!

Not to mention there is dick all to do.

Also, everyone here is an asshole. People leer and yell and fight all the damn time.

And it’s light out 24/7 now which means I get max 3-4 hours of sleep a night, so my temper is way shorter than it usually is.

Man. Worst place to live ever.

EMPLOYERS. They ask for the world and offer crap pay; they want absurd, made-up certifications for job skills anyone can teach themselves from home; in interviews, they force you to disclose really uncomfortable situations in which you were treated unfairly at previous jobs and then use them as reasons not to hire you. Wasn’t dealing with my old boss bad enough? Does being sexually harassed elsewhere have to jeopardize my potential employment now?

I’m getting really sick of my department not following through with simple things I’ve asked. For instance, invite me to IEP meetings for 11th and 12th graders – I don’t know they’re happening unless I get the invite. Notify me when an 18 year old 9th grader enrolls. Complete their part of the graduation paperwork. Send the messaging about the Transition Expos. Yes, I sent it, but the kids have to get it from more than one person, multiple times, and they know their special ed teachers better than they know me, anyway. Besides, I already wrote the effing message! All they had to do was hand it out! Yes, we should have a better system in place where I automatically know when the IEPs are and who’s enrolling and who is an emergency case, but guess what? We don’t, so this is what we have to do until admin gets it together and comes up with something. For now, take 10 seconds and send me a bloody damn email. Yes, you’re busy. So, am I. If you want to get down to numbers, I have over 500 kids I’m responsible for. You have 25. I win.

That’s been building up for a while.

I went out of town for four days and my husband ate all the food in the house, didn’t do any shopping for more, did not wash a single dish, and quite possibly didn’t throw away a single thing while I was gone.

I miss my hotel room. And I’m hungry.

I have to get up at 5am tomorrow to meet my boss to catch a train to London to catch a train to Brussels, and while I would normally get on the Eurostar and settle in for a nice nap, I’m going to be expected to talk about work like an awake person because we have to prep for a meeting. NOT COOL.

All I want to do is go to a baseball game. Is that so very difficult? A minor-league game at that. On a night where two tickets can be purchased for the price of one. Yes, you heard me correctly, 2 for 1. What kind of magical madness is that?

Yes, it is a ‘work night’. Yes, it is at 7:05pm. Yes, chances are very very good I’ll consume at least one hot dog and one beer. And yes, (this is very important), it is OUTSIDE.

But you, darling light of my life, spouse o’ my heart and all that other mushy stuff, can’t get past any of that. You would prefer to avail yourself of the indoor creature comforts of your den. What with the air conditioning, giant television, computer, DVR, mini-fridge and various gaming platforms.

And I get it, I do. Your den is comfortable. It has been outfitted to your exact specifications. All of your stuff is there. There’s even a spot on the couch where your ass has made a perfectly you-shaped indentation that never goes away.

But dude, enough is enough. We are young (-ish). We have no children. We live within our means and have some extra to spend on fun. You don’t have a trial tomorrow and I don’t have any meetings until the afternoon.

Let’s live just a little and see a ballgame. Fun in the outdoors won’t kill you, I promise.

I am annoyed that I volunteered to give a talk to a group of highschool students about my work, and so far the time/place has been changed three times, due to poor communication between the event organizers and the high school. You try to do a nice thing! Now I’m just basically waiting for them to ring me and tell me I’m on.

I’m pissed off about certain coworkers getting a pass for their shitty attitudes. Our company is in a very precarious situation right now and it seems like acting like an asshole is acceptable for certain people and excuses are made on their behalf while the rest of suck it up and power through.

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