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LTP: 6/16

Happy Thursday, can you see the weekend from where you’re reading this?June is halfway over and the longest days of the year are upon us. Yesterday in Alaska, the sun set at 12:44 a.m. and rose at 3:00 a.m. Can you even imagine? (Alaskan readers, give  a shout out – tell me, what’s that like?) Today’s poll is simple – which do you prefer – sunrise or sunset??

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Being on the West coast, I think our sunsets are pretty awesome. We get that gleam of color over the water at the end of the day when your skin is still (theoretically) warm from being outside.
But then I could see how a sunrise on the East Coast would be pretty incredible as well.
The Midwest? I can’t say.

In and of itself though, I have to go with Sunset. It feels like the perfect way to wind the day down and calm the mind. I’m also not a morning person so I would never be able to fully appreciate the Sunrise.

I’m not from Alaska, but the Canadian north, Northwest Territories. Sun sets right now at 11:30 and comes up at 3:30. The thing is though, it never SETS sets. It sits below the horizon. It’s still bright out. You don’t really need street lights.

It’s cool for the first week, and it’s a nice change from the sun setting at 3:30pm in the Winter, but after a few days your body starts to freak out and it gets nearly impossible to sleep. It’s nearly impossible to get into a deep sleep. This drives people into some kind of mania. Crime rises in the summer and everyone kind of freaks out.

That being said, sunrise is my favorite. I’m a morning person, and being up with the sun makes me feel like I’m doing something with my day.

I lived in Sweden for a semester in college, and it was really weird. When I first got there in mid-January, it seemed like it was dark all the time. The sun would “rise” at around 10:30, and it would set by 3:30. It was just dark, dark, dark. By the time I left in late June, sunset was after 11pm, it would be dusky for a couple of hours, then bright sunshine by 2:30 or 3:00 in the morning. (One not-so-memorable night, I came home so drunk I couldn’t sleep in the light and woke up wrapped up in a blanket in the tub because the bathroom was the only place without a window.)

To answer the LTP, I prefer sunsets. Mostly because I live in an area of the world where sunrise comes at early o’clock, and I’m so not a morning person.

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