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LTP: 6/21

So, have you ever had one of those “The Future Is Now!” moments? You know, those instants when, despite your jaded techno-savvy, you’re momentarily stunned by what technology can do?

I just had one, and I’m sure I’m not alone. The spouse and I just received a super-late wedding gift in the form of a Blu-ray DVD player.  First I was amazed that it didn’t technically have buttons; there were just little light-up spots on the front of the player which I am actually having trouble not calling buttons.  Then I was about to ask Mr. McDoog how to switch the function on our new TV (wooo tax refund!) to the Blu-ray player, when the TV did it by itself. I actually squealed “Are we living in the future?!”

And the answer is yes. We are indeed living in the future. Please share the moment when you knew this to be true.

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I’m going to sound like the uberdork here, because my McFly moment wasn’t brought on by electronic gadgetry, but insulation. Yup, insulation. I live in Ga., and it gets hotter than bikini wax down here. To lower my energy bill, I’ve been researching residential insulation and I stumbled across aerogel. If this stuff isn’t from the future, I don’t know what is!

I knew we were approaching The Future when the ipad came out.
WE ARE SO CLOSE TO STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION! The crew all walk around with little acrylic hand-held pads that have all sorts of information on them. Just Bop Bop Boop and “Oh, here is the report on intergalactic bio minerals for this planet.”
As soon as the ipad is (first, given a better name and second:) built to be nearly see through and pocket sized, we will have reached the future.

(but then, I think water boilers are one of the greatest inventions of all time…)

Every time I see someone talking on a bluetooth device I think of that episode of Sliders where everything is all technologically advanced and people basically have the internet jacked directly into their heads.

Other than that, my smart phone and GPS give me weird futuristic moments all the time.

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