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LTP 6/24: Are You a Text-a-holic?

For today’s poll I want to know: How much do you text?  I am a utility texter, I will text if I have a quick question or want to remind my husband to do something, but if it will require more than three messages on my part I would rather just talk. More and more, though, it seems like I meet people who only text.  I have one friend who I called five times last week trying to invite her out to dinner.  She didn’t pick up or call back or anything, but I sent her one text message and she got back to me immediately.

So, how much do you text?  And if you are one of those who would rather text-chat for an hour instead of talking for 30 minutes, can you explain it to me?

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9 replies on “LTP 6/24: Are You a Text-a-holic?”

I am not sure if it’s because I am introvert or not, but I love texting. Far less intrusive than the phone. I can communicate with people without it draining me. I never liked talking on the phone. I won’t do it when I am with other people because it’s rude.

I hate calling people. Loathe it; I can only spend time on the phone with my closest friends/family. I’m not sure why, but it tends to make me nervous. Which is why I’m terrible at making appointments. Most of my phone conversations last less than a minute and go along the lines of where are you/where shall we meet/I’m late/I’m lost.
So I text a fair bit; plus it’s cheaper (in Taiwan at least, I hear things are different in the US). I don’t text during meals/dates, unless we’re two and the other person is in the bathroom, because that’s just rude. Texting also saves me from small talk; for me, it cuts to the chase, which I find convenient. And as someone mentioned, it’s easier to do other things at the same time without having to halt the conversation.
And because I’m antisocial : it’s easier to ignore if necessary.

However, my friends and I tend to make a lot of our plans via Facebook/email so that cuts down both on the texting and the calling, and that’s without having a smartphone. (I really don’t need to spend more time on the internet!)

ah the texting debate! Nice to see it’s not as heated here as it is on….ahem… some other ladyblogs. I’ve been thinking about this one a lot lately- especially how fired up it gets the two camps. I’m not a texter (can’t and never have been able to afford a phone or plan which facilitated texting) so I tend to fall in the camp of “No Phones at the Dinner Table” and “Never Interupt a Reallife Conversation to Text” ect. (exceptions for doctors on call, etc.). Given my bit of time in cultural studies, I know that manners wars tend to have deeper socio-economic groundings, and it’s important to ask why something bothers you and why it is a phenomena currently. Having never had a smart phone, I’m not able to comment much on the urge to whip it out all the time, but I bet, considering my internet and facebook use mine would be something fierce. Anyway, rambling, but bottom line is- don’t text at all- I only respond to texts with phone calls- when I do try to text it’s painfully slow and awful. I will be finally transitioning to a smart phone this fall though so we’ll see what happens. I promised my partner to donate $1 to Planned Parenthood Indiana for each time the phone appears which is not utility-related!

I text a good amount, but it also varies a lot, for me. My mom and I text while watching So You Think You Can Dance – it’s easy and quick, and we can keep watching but also talk about who we liked and didn’t like as each dance happens. And my best friend M works long hours and can text but not talk on the phone, so there will be a few days where I don’t hear from him at all and then we’ll exchange 20 texts in the span of a few minutes.

I hate talking on the phone, unless it is some kind of serious conversation. Like other people said, I like that I can do other things while “talking,” and if I text someone, I feel less intrusive than when I call. The only time I would rather talk is when it’s more than just a chat or setting up plans to get together, or when I am having a meltdown. Meltdowns warrant phone call.

I hate the constant texters. Especially in a first-dating context. The last two guys I’ve casually dated were no-talkers. If you say you’re going to call me, CALL ME! Say you’re going to text me if that’s the preferred.

I’m generally a utility texter, too, or just a one-liner. Ongoing convos are just not for me. That said, I’m also not much of a conversation-er, except with people that don’t live close. I do spend a ridiculous amount of time on gchat, though.

I despise talking on the phone unless it’s with select few people (my parents, my boyfriend) so generally I text if at all possible. I just hate the phone, my voice never sounds right, I feel so awkward! I do feel, however, like I should just force myself to call even if I don’t want to. But it’s just so easy to text.

Mostly the same. Utility text. But I really don’t like to talk on the phone unless it is to friends far away. I should really call those peole shouldn’t I ? I am a bad keeper in toucher. Anyway. I like texting alot because most of my communications are to make plans to see people in person so texting works.

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