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LTP 6/27: Your Pet Peeves

Since I write the first post of the week every Monday, it seems like Monday happens more often than other days. My perception may be warped, so don’t write your congressman demanding answers just yet. 

Today’s LTP is embracing the Monday in all of us, because I want to know your pet peeves. I’m normally marginally laid back, with exceptions all our readers can probably find and point out, but I think there’s a benefit in ranting from time to time. I think there’s a balance; rant too much and run the risk of permanently being a glass-half-fuller, rant too little and risk being a bottled up ticking time bomb of ALL CAPS RAGE. So consider today’s poll your very own version of those ’80s therapy groups where everyone fought with giant foam mallets.




By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

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When someone talks talks TALKS while I am watching something I desperatly want to watch on T.V…asking stupid ass questions when, if they just WATCH the damn thing, their questions would be answered. Or comment, critique, commentate what I am trying to watch. “What did she say?” I dont know…if you hadnt been running your mouth, I would have heard her. DAMMIT.
Whats worse, for someone to SEE I am reading, ask what I am reading, and talk about the books they have read. Or, just talk period while I am reading.
Another thing…for my brother in law, who is a pet peeve all by himself, to leave his nasty shoes in the middle of the floor when he has a room all to himself to put the shoes in. I trip over them and get so damn mad I end up throwing them in his room.
People who park their grocery carts in the middle of the aisle to chit chat with someone, and they just happen to be right in front of what I need to get, so I cant go around them.
Thats the short list. It would take me all night to type everything that pisses me off…

My list of pet peeves is so long that it would be easier to list what DOESN’T annoy me. Just today, at the grocery store, I was reminded how much I hate when people creep up on me when I’m checking out. If I’m at the end of the checkout, bagging, I still need to go back and pay. Don’t push my cart away so you can stand in front of the PIN pad until I’m finished. Jeez!

I have a lot more, but here are two major ones:
People who don’t use the left lane as a passing lane, so annoying! This annoyance often results in two people going the exact same speed driving right next to each other so that others who would actually like to drive the speed limit cannot get around them!
College educated people who don’t know the difference between you’re/your and there/their/they’re. This one always annoys me when reading friends’ Facebook status updates, though I sadly notice this in a lot of news articles online as well!

Giant foam bats solve ALL THE PROBLEMS. (also greatest episode of The Simpson’s, ever)

I’ve amassed a few pet peeves over time but I now have a new one to add to the list! Yah!

People who sneeze ON YOU in an airplane. OMG. Guys, I know the space is limited but for the love of all that is pink and glittery, angle your damn head down at least. And then, when you are done sneezing, at least say something like “Excuse me,” “I’m sorry,” or “Oh gosh, I did not mean to get that on you!” Gah.

Gross Gross Gross.

Things that drive me bonkers:

When people stand too close in line.

When someone has an overflowing cart at the grocery store and they don’t let the person behind them with just a few items go in front.

When people try to get on the freeway at 40 mph.

When I accidentally box myself in while speaking and my poorly planned sentences end up rhyming (I really, really hate it when I do that) or catch myself saying “um” too often in a conversation.

When people chew gum or food loudly making a smacking noise.

When glass doors don’t have “push” or “pull” labels and there’s a receptionist there watching you try and fail at opening the door.

There are more, which serves to suggest that I might be a little too hard on the world. It is a Monday, though, right?

I’m going to need to go ahead and highlight that first one. And apply it to lines at the airport gate (we will ALL get on the plane, back the fuck up), lines at the grocery store (Oh, sure, stand closer, you really want to see how SLOWLY I can get this receipt into my wallet?) and basically anywhere I’m standing.

I may have to threaten them with a well placed sneeze…

When you go out to lunch or dinner with a buddy and they have the cellphone on the table ready to pick it up or text someone whenever the conversation slows even momentarily. I don’t have a cellphone any more so it bugs me more than it bugs others, I’m sure, but it is just so rude!

One thing that drives me mad is going to the fridge for a glass of water and finding the Brita filter with half a cup left in it. But it wasn’t “empty” so someone didn’t fill it up. DUDE. If there is not enough for a whole glass, then fill the damn thing so the next person can have water. The same thing goes for toilet paper. Don’t tell me that those two little squares stuck to the cardboard mean that you didn’t finish off the roll.

Basically, if you didn’t technically finish something but there’s not enough for the next person to have full usage of the thing, then replace it!

My pet peeves:
-loud talkers and loud cell phone talkers in restaurants or on public transit
-stores that only go up to a size 12
-tourists who don’t understand that sideWALKS are for walking
-tourists who jaywalk, but don’t know how to do it properly and therefore disrupt traffic
-people who aggressively push others to board the train at rush hour
-people who run me off the sidewalk
-people who don’t excuse themselves when bumping into you, nor thank you when you hold a door for them

When I’m walking on the proper side of the sidewalk (the right), or turning right at a corner (on the right side) and people are coming in my direction on that side! Or almost walk into me! Hello, YOU are on the improper side of the sidewalk, not me. I don’t know why this annoys me so unreasonably but it bothers me almost as much as people who take up the entire sidewalk in large groups and tourists who don’t stand right/walk left on escalators.

My pet peeve is people Americans who use the “I have freedom of speech!” for everything. I just got done reading an article *cough*kotaku*cough*, where everyone was up in arms, as usual, about people taking away their FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

It seems to me like the people who whine about free speech are usually the most privileged among us. Yes, free speech is about protecting speech we don’t like. I know that. And I certainly hate most people who evoke the free speech rule so I guess they have a point. But seriously, it’s not an excuse to be a total sexist dick and personally attack other people. It’s never okay to be racist/sexist/homophobic. The free speech thing isn’t about giving you license to be a miserable human being. *sigh* I don’t know what I’m saying. People can get shot for defending abortion or for being gay in this country, yet no one shoots up the idiots who say that African Americans have evolved to have smaller brains. In fact, dicks like him get published and it’s considered “edgy.” I’m not saying liberals should be killing people who disagree with them. But to me, the speech that ought to be protected (along with the people behind said speech), really aren’t as free as the bigots and idiots. We could get killed for our opinions and they will never worry about that. I guess it reflects better on us because we’re not psychotic murderers like they are. Though, in the end we’re still dead. And I don’t buy into the martyr stuff all that much.

GROWN ASS MEN WHO NEVER REMEMBER TO CLOSE THE BREAD WHEN THEY MAKE A SANDWICH. I mean, it’s not like that shit gets stale when you leave it open all night. Oh wait… it does. And you know what? The cheese gets funky and dried out when you leave that open too. And turkey goes bad quicker when you leave THAT open. I know all this because apparently my husband is too busy to actually put things away properly when he has to make his own damn sandwich.

But that doesn’t really answer the LTP does it?

I guess my pet peeve is when someone likes or supports something without doing any homework to REALLY understand what, or who, they are supporting.

(note: I have been as guilty of this as the next person … but I have been peeved with myself about it.)

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