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LTP: 6/3

Today we have a two-part poll about headaches. I was gifted with a three-day headache this week before it finally blossomed into a full-on migraine at about 9 p.m. yesterday. I tried all sorts of stuff to get rid of the normal headache, but there is only one thing that will kill one of my migraines; thankfully, that one thing is foolproof. I have to take two ibuprofen tablets, make my bedroom as dark as humanly possible, and go to bed for at least eight hours. Works every time.

So, question #1 – Do you have any awesome headache remedies?

Now, I’m sure you’ve all heard that “they” say the best way to get rid of a headache is an orgasm. Oddly enough, I’ve only ever heard men say this. I’ve never tried it myself; the last time Mr.B suggested it when I had a migraine I promised to throw up on him if he so much as touched me. This time he just told me to drink lots of water in case I was dehydrated, then he came to bed, AND then he got up and ready for work without waking me up. He’s too good to me.

Question #2 – What are your thoughts on the whole “orgasms get rid of headaches” thing? Have you tried it? Or do you think it’s just a conspiracy amongst the boys to try and get laid more often?


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If I get it while its still a mild headache, advil migraine liquid gels and lots of caffeine usually help. If I don’t catch it in time, and the headache morphs into a migraine, the only things that help are an Amerge, a cold facecloth on my forehead, and sleep.

Grad school gave me mixed tension migraines ….. and I can’t take OTC painkillers (I get this weird kickback effect that is absolutely debilitating.)

Because there is a muscle tension element to my migraines, orgasms totally make them worse. Massages sometimes help, though. :)

I’ve made some major life style changes to get them under control, but if I get one, basically, put me in the darkest, coldest, quietest place you’ve got and leave me there for as long as possible. Give me some peppermint tea, a bunch of water, and a heating thingy for my neck, but that’s the best I can do. I’ve got perscription migraine meds, but because of the kickback effect, if I take them, I need to be able to sleep for at least 2 hours IMMEDIATELY after taking them. And I only take a half a pill.

I find the whole orgasm thing to actually be quite helpful- in the early stages of a headache. I can divert that headache before it gets too bad. But if we’re already in full-blown about-to-puke-in-pain mode, I’m not too keen on it.
I’ve never managed medicinal application with a partner, though, so I can’t speak to what that is like, but I’d imagine having a partner would sort of distract from the direct goal.

#1 Coming to terms with taking painkillers. I try and get through headaches but the paracetamol ends up calling and i’m always grateful. Herbal tea can be pretty ace, too. Mint teas, especially (for me, anyway) have that calming and soothing effect.

#2 It works … or, at least, is worth a shot. For me, headaches and sex have two outcomes: satisfaction and headache disappearing or satisfaction that is sufficient for me not to give much of a fuck about the headache which is still clinging on for dear life.


If I am right at the beginning of a migraine, orgasms work wonders, usually either ending the migraine entirely or helping me to sleep through the rest of it. Unfortunately, I’m usually a bit more tactile defensive than normal during migraines, so my husband has to start with oral sex. My life is so difficult.

Also, headaches make an excellent excuse to get out of foreplay.

Benadryl or the generic equivalent is great for migraines. I don’t get them often, but I got a nasty one a few years ago and ended up going to the ER after way too many hours. They gave me benadryl and an anti-nausea med, I was human again in like fifteen minutes. Now I pop two with two excedrin, then nap for a few hours and I’m usually good. I have to catch it right when I get the weird visual squiggles for it to work, but it’s kept me from going from pre-migraine trippiness to full-migraine agony several times.

I don’t even like to breathe when I have a migraine, there’s no way I’m fucking.

I don’t get migraines but I often get headaches when I’m stressed and/or really tired, and I pop some Advil as soon as possibly and make sure I’m hydrated usually helps. Not very tricky or creative, but it helps. :)

As for orgasms helping, they provide a nice distraction but have never helped me get rid of headaches (or menstrual cramps). And personally, if I have a really bad headache I don’t want to have most kinds of sex – I like to be able to give it all my energy and attention, and if I’m hurty and grouchy, I can’t. If my partner wanted to try to, er, relieve some of my pain with the knowledge that I probably wasn’t going to reciprocate until I felt better, I’d be open to that. ;)

Oh fun. I had a hormonal headache yesterday that basically disrupted the entire day’s agenda. But, I had a pretty meat heavy meal and lots of sugar – that seemed to help.

Or at least put me in a better mood to deal with it.

My co-worker actually could tell that something was wrong. It was creepy. We have been sitting next to each other for too long…

When I get a migraine – thankfully few and far between – I have to sleep for at least 16 hrs. During my first migraine sleep marathon, my mom was actually so worried she woke me up and made me eat something after hour 10. I was 16 at the time and living with my parents. So, that was helpful. (Scared the crap out of them, I normally can’t sleep more that 7hs at a time)

I take Advil at the slightest onset of a headache now to try to prevent a full-blown migraine. Since that doesn’t always work my next method is to lay in the fetal position in a dark room and cry. I have never tried sex and that is kinda the last thing on my fractured mind at that point. I imagine all that bouncing and moving would not help me.

1) My plan of attack is usually some excedrin migraine (or if I don’t have any, which is rare, then a heavy duty dose of advil + a little caffeine), accompanied by pushing as much water as I can stand to drink. I also take as hot a shower as I can stand, followed immediately by a nap with an ice pack over my forehead or the base of my neck, depending on which is worse for that particular headache. Then I just try to sleep it off in a dark, quiet room as best I can.

I’ve been getting migraines since I was a little kid (fortunately not as frequently anymore), and when I was younger, my mom taught me some biofeedback techniques for calming down so I could get to the point of being able to fall asleep despite the pain. Honestly, my headaches always feel exponentially better after I throw up. Not like I force myself to throw up, but sometimes it just happens because I feel so sick. Then I can usually get some rest after that.

2) Probably TMI, but I think there’s some merit to it. If it’s just a basic little headache, I find the release to be helpful. If it’s something stronger or a migraine, hell no. The pressure would just make things worse and worse and if you think about how sick you feel when you have a migraine how you would even get to that point in the first place is baffling to me.

Excedrin Migraine is THE BEST THING EVER.
If I can catch a migraine just as it’s starting (as in the point when I realize that it isn’t just a headache), I can take two Excedrins and take a lie-down in a dark room and be better in an hour. Without the Excedrin (and even using a bunch of some other analgesic), it’s a couple hours, at best. And it’s vomity.

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