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LTP: 6/30

It’s the last day of June? How did that happen? I have a question for you today…Have you ever been in a physical fight with another woman? Junior high cat fight? Punched a co-worker? I’m just wondering.

Once while sitting in a Denny’s with a friend in college, we started having words with some snotty twits in the booth behind us. My friend got smart-mouthed, and the girl we were arguing asked if we wanted to take it outside. And we stopped– seriously? Outside in the parking lot? Um, no. No, we just use our words, thank you very much.

How ’bout you?

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Apart from my sister? Um… In school, one girl was being profoundly annoying, slagging me and generally getting all up in my personal space. When she didn’t stop after several minutes and warnings, I hit her on the head a few times with my pencil case. It did the trick.
Not sure if that counts as a fight, though.

The only people I’ve ever been in physical fights with were boys, if I can recall correctly. The last fight I ever got into was when I punched this kid who was picking on my little brother in the face a bunch of times and that was in eighth grade, so it’s been a while… but yeah, I’ve never gotten into a physical altercation with a girl before.

My mom did tell me that once, in kindergarten, I threatened to dye a female classmate’s hair blue… but I never actually did it.

Where I grew shit talking was a guaranteed fight starter. That’s why I am careful with my words. I realize it’s completely stupid and trashy but I will never hesitate to put a fool on her back….West coast rap=bad influence. I had incident this past weekend that included fighting words which I was totally ashamed about this entire week. It was very childish.

Besides my sister? I was in one fight in college. I mean, it was one-sided, I did all of the fighting. It was over some relationship drama.
That was 10 years ago and I still feel bad about it because I totally lost control, it was embarrassing, and it had some major life consequences.

I was always rather physically threatening (TALL) in school so I guess you could say I was always in a different weight class. Why start something with another girl who is 4 inches taller and a good 10lbs heavier? I have hit guys on the arm for saying incredibly offensive things or for just being a jerk. I feel the point is made if a bruise shows up the next day.

But no throw-down fights.

I don’t get angry that easily so I’m not one to start a fight either.

I’m a shit talker.

Oh! :(

You know, though, in kindergarten I saw some girls picking on another girl who was tiny and adorable so I just walked on over with my bad-5yr old self and SHOVED those mean girls away. There was no fight after that – I think I just started yelling at them and a teacher came over to check it out. Yeah, we totally got in trouble. It was worth it. (It was also not the last time I would step in on some bullying – I was a real stickler for people being nice to each other on the playground.)

So, if we were in kindergarten together, I totally would have had your back. :)

Not unless you count with my sister, but even that didn’t last long because she’s 6 years younger so I always was old enough to know better.

The closest I’ve been was a couple summers ago I was at Busch Gardens in FL and these people with the speedy pass decided that they could just zip past us (not in the speedy pass line, just in general). I’m a stickler for line etiquette, plus these people were rude so I said something and didn’t exactly back down. The girl’s boyfriend ended up holding her back (seriously) as she was lunging at me! The best part was that my mom was right there next to me, just staring like, “What is going on?”

I take my rollercoasters seriously.

When I was in 6th grade, this girl bullied me in gym class and hit me in the face. I was stunned, had never been in a fight, and didn’t react. When I told my sister about it on the bus ride home, she talked me into hitting the girl back to show her she couldn’t continue to bully me (she lived in our neighborhood), so I did. It was stupid. And I felt badly about it. But she never hit me again, so….

I spent most of my middle school career trying to drag my sister home to avoid fights because we got picked on a lot when we moved to that town, and bus rides were full of (racial) taunts. She had more of a temper than me, but didn’t really have the fighting skills to back it up, so I always tried to pull her away when trouble started brewing. Have I mentioned how much I hated middle school?

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