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LTP: 6/7

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I was trying to think of something nice to say about Tuesday but came up with nothing. So I drew some inspiration from that for today’s Lunchtime Poll: what’s your favorite day of the week?

Yeah, yeah, everyone loves Saturdays. But there’s kind of a 9-to-5-er bias in assuming that Saturdays are a big day off for everyone, and honestly, I think half the time Saturdays don’t live up to their promise. (Because it’s the day of the week’s fault that I don’t do anything valuable with my free time. That’s the ticket.)

So I’ve really come around on Thursdays. Think about it: the end is in sight, during most of the year it’s a great night for TV, and you can finally start asking people what they’ve got planned for the weekend without them hating you for being a big tease. Especially in the summer months, Fridays are such a joke that you really feel that Thursday night you can just start coasting your way to the weekend.

So what’s everyone’s favorite day, and why?

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Ever since college, I have LOVED Thursdays.
The math dept was closed for that day so there was no class (the ONE day a week I got a break from vectors).
The bar scene was IT. Thirsty Thursdays at 6th Street with $2 long islands followed by 80’s night at John Henry’s. I never actually bought a drink at John Henry’s because I was totally set after 6th Street. We were economical. :) And ready to dance.

Now though, no one messes with my Monday nights. I like to do absolutely nothing so that when I have to get shit done the rest of the week I feel okay about it. And Sunday nights. I want to be home from whatever the hell is going on and in pjs with a book by 8:00pm. I have even lied to friends about “prior commitments” to make this happen. I have no shame. :)

(I still love Thursdays though, you just can’t screw up a Thursday night)

Fridays. I like my work, but I like it more when it goes swiftly and when I have the freedom to dick off after 3:30 with no one caring. Everyone is happy on Friday, and new movies come to the movie theatre (as we only have one theatre in town, with only three screens, this is a big deal).

I wish today was Friday.

I’m a big fan of Sundays. A lot of times, especially in the summer, I get roped into Saturday events and other worky-type things (often political junk I can’t get paid for), but Sundays tend to be much slower. I can lounge in my pyjamas all day, eat breakfast at 2pm, and watch lots of tv. They’re great!

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