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LTP 6/9

Good Day, Persephonites, and Happy Thursday! This week has ended up being chock full of real life goodness for me, so I’m going to ask a simple, Pollyanna-themed question.What’s the best thing that’s happened to you this week?

Personally, I can’t decide if it’s been having my daughter love day camp with a passion, a ridiculously fun night girls’ night out, or going to see a musical theatre production last night.

Like I said, it’s been a week chock full of goodness.

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I had a really strange day yesterday. It was nervous-making, then awesome, then shitty, all in the span of about sixteen hours.

But the good parts included the day off, a leisurely coffee and bagel break, a drive along the highway blasting Billy Joel music, baking a pie, seeing the X-Men movie, and having pizza for dinner!

I have a paper due tomorrow but it looks increasingly like I might finish it! I get my IUD tomorrow after a super speedy and information-full consultation yesterday. Once I turn in this paper and grade my student papers I’ll be done with my MA and I can continue doing the exact same stuff for my PhD! Also my paperwork came through for me to teach classes this summer! Everything is good!

This is one of those weeks that just keeps getting better. I started my research project on Monday, and it’s steadily improving with an amazing group of people. I finally finished my sewing project after about a week and a half of work. And tonight we’re having a Casablanca movie night and BBQ outside. I love summertime!

Uh rumph.
This is Finals Week, I ate something that has messed up my system for the past three days and it looks like I’ll be spending my Friday Night at home. So, I cannot share the Pollyanna feeling. :(

So, I guess the good thing for me is that today is the last day I will have this horrible work schedule to accommodate the moronic class schedule my school came up with.

Who, just WHO, decided to schedule an accounting class for Fridays at 1:30 during Spring Term?! Did you know that it has been blazingly beautiful every Friday that we’ve had class? In a basement room with just slivers for windows? Torture! AND, I have to work 9 hr days Monday through Thursday (with half days on Fridays) just to be able to attend this ONE class. It’s the only time offered! Gah. One more year. Just one more year…

So, yeah. That nonsense will end so I’m pretty happy about it.
Oh, and there are orange-cicles in my freezer so that’s awesome.

(I’m apparently ranty today…)

I’m always about the silver linings, so the best part of my week was having my power go out for 5+ hours on Tuesday night in 100 degree weather, forcing me to go outside and drink beer with neighbors I’d never met. I also had some delicious Thai food on Monday night, which I am fondly remembering now as well.

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