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Lunchtime Poll – 6/1

It’s the first of the month! It’s a Wednesday! It’s lunchtime! Today’s poll question is lunch-related. Do you pack your own lunch or buy lunch at work?

I packed a lunch yesterday because I am not interested in spending the equivalent of an hour and a half’s worth of work on lunch every day. I made a ham and cheese wrap and I packed some applesauce and a pudding cup and carrots. I was pretty happy with the tasty (and cheaper) result! How about you all? And whether you pack or buy, what’s your favorite work lunch?

By Luci Furious

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I used to eat whatever I could remember to scrounge up at my desk every day, usually not until it was like 3:00 and I realized that I was very hungry. Earlier this year, I started taking lunch breaks out of the office several days a week, though. We work so many evening meetings and e-mails after business hours and everything else, I was practically never getting away from work. It ends up costing a bit more, but I come back to the office feeling more refreshed after forty-five minutes or whatever of a break outside the office, a nice sandwich, and a book.

I suppose now that the weather is warmer, I could start packing a lunch and just eating it outside on the lawn to save money.

I bring my lunch almost every day because taking lunch breaks are frowned upon… When I do pick something up it’s a call ahead sandwich from the liquor store down the road. Today it’s veggie soup and a slice of pizza. We do have a BBQ at work so Friday’s can be nice with veggie burgers or mushrooms on the grill for me while my coworkers nom on everything from ribs, steak or chicken.

Not everyone goes out of their home to work ;). I make lunch in the kitchen then usually eat it sitting at the table in front of my laptop. Sometimes I don’t make it out of the kitchen, and sometimes I take a bite here an there as I move around the house doing other things.

I pack my lunch 85% of the time. Sometimes I run out the door and forget it, and if I need to go grocery shopping and have run out of things to bring, I’ll buy something small on campus. I don’t have a specific favorite lunch, but I love bringing leftovers because I know how yummy they are and look forward to it all day.

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