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Lunchtime Poll – 6/15

It’s a beautiful Wednesday in June, I have the day off from my day job, and of course I’m laid up with a nasty cold. But before I slip back out of consciousness, today’s LTP is sick-day related. What is your favorite sick-in-bed movie?  Preferably one that’s on Netflix Instant… not that I’m doing this LTP for myself or anything. Just, you know, for our readers who might want to watch something.

By Luci Furious

There are no bad times, only good stories.

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When I was a little kid my favorite sick-time movie was on Beta tape and it was He-Man and She-Ra: The Secret of the Sword. I have it on DVD now and still occasionally watch it when I’m sick. Somewhere out there someone needs me…

Nowadays I’d also say that I like watching TV shows on DVD marathons when sick, or any Leonardo Dicaprio movie. My last big sick day I watched Romeo+Juliet, Body of Lies, and The Departed. I also second the America’s Next Top Model marathons, they rule.

My mom once rented me A Chorus Line when I was sick as a kid. She was a working mom so she basically plopped me down on the couch, made sure I had a glass of juice, and went off to work. I probably watch CL a dozen times that week and I still associate it with long days on the couch.

I think I’m the only person in the world that thought 50 First Dates wasn’t heartwarming. At the end, where she’s on the boat? All I could think about was how frightening it would have been to have woken up thinking you were some 20 year old single woman and discovering you were inexplicably 9 months pregnant. I mean, that’s horror movie shit right there.

Well, it’s not on Instant so it doesn’t help you, but whenever I’m feeling sick or just blue, I pull out Dirty Dancing. It’s just so fabulous.

I like to power through a bunch of episodes in a row of TV shows I know I enjoy when I’m home sick. My current favorites on Netflix Instant are Eureka, Sports Night, Futurama, Torchwood, Mythbusters, Columbo, The Game. I’ve finished IT Crowd and Doctor Who, but they’re always good fallbacks. Oh, and I know Greek and Ugly Betty are on there, but I haven’t gotten to them yet.

When I’m sick, I want to watch something that isn’t too emotional, isn’t TOO funny (sometimes laughing hurts) and can still be engaging and feel good.
So, when I was last sick in bed, I watched (on Netflix Instant, from my laptop, in bed, surrounded by juice and kleenex) The Star Trek Movies. I think I got through #2-4 before trying to get up and move around.

I recommend them. You know, assuming you like Star Trek. :)

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