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Lunchtime Poll – 6/8

It’s lunchtime on Wednesday again.  Once again, I feel like this week is flying by and I haven’t accomplished half the things I had planned to by now.  However, I know I’m more productive if I make a to-do list, even if I rarely manage to get to everything on it.  And I have to write it down, otherwise it doesn’t work.  So what about you: to-do list or no?  And what to-do method do you use (computer, written, white board)?

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I tend to make one list, hand-written, with subcategories, like “work” “before work” “after work” “at the store” and then I cross it off as I go. Work, sometimes, gets broken down as well, depending on the different projects I’m handling. It’s the only way I get anything done. It works especially well for those moments when I have a breather and think it’s time to go read blogs or something. I can look at the list and see that actually, there is more stuff to do.

When I was in school I had to-do lists constantly. When I used them, my time-management was way better and the quality of my work improved. I’ve sort of stopped using them now for the most part, but it’s mostly out of laziness. I think I’d do a better job with work if I kept up with them.

I have a calendar/planner that I keep in my purse and I also make to-do lists. If I have a royal shitload of stuff to do, I type it up so that I can more easily put it in the order that various things are due, print it out, and hang it on my wall. But for more every-day to-do lists, I have an Anne Taintor notepad that I write them on, and I keep it on my desk.

Something else that’s really helpful for me- I set an event on the calendar on my phone for certain things…every time I renew my birth control pills, I set a reminder for three weeks out, when it’s time to renew them again, and every time I pay rent I set a reminder to go off the next month to make sure I do it.

To do list all the way. Why? Because I naturally tend towards forgetful and lazy, an external to-do list helps a lot. I used to use the Todoist extension for Chrome when I was ‘freelancing’, but at work now it’s a combination of the shared word calendar and a notebook.

I normally use a steno pad for my weekly or (weekendly) to-do lists but after buying a house, I had to upgrade to not one but TWO spirals. One spiral is the to-do list for inside the house and the other is for outside. I am pretty detailed with my lists (I like crossing things off) so it may seem larger than it could actually be.

I have a to-do list beside my timelog at work – also on a steno pad. These things are so great.

And yes, I love my to-do lists. Each and every one.

Actually, I just started a new spiral with a slightly different to-do list. I wanted to start cooking better foods so I am making Menu Plans for each week and one page lists all the recipes I want to try that week and all the ingredients I’ll need to make it happen. (I also break the recipes down into “Leftover Remakes” because I’m crazy like that…) So far, I’m only one week in because it’s currently Finals Week and I’ll be living off Reser’s Burritos for the next 3 days. But, once I’m back to eating vegetables, I’m sure the list will go well. :)

For work, I use a written to-do list. I didn’t use to go this route, but I have so many responsibilities that are so different from each other, I need to write them down. Plus they pile up — like right now, I’m editing 300 pages of technical specs, but there’s all this other shit that keeps crossing my desk.

So, to-do list. And then I highlight what I’ve finished so I can track it at a glance.

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