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Sleep, Delicious Sleep: Weekend Open Thread

Dear readers, my Memorial Day weekend was a bit rough around the edges, mostly due to a lack of good, quality sleep. Even now, the words slip gingerly off my fingers, onto the keyboard and up onto the page and I almost start salivating to the words “sleep.” Nothing serious, but I seem to have caught something nasty that’s going around the city, made especially irritating by the presence of a sore throat and never-ending cough. I can’t help but think that there is some cruel karmic trick going on as these are the first real warm days we have had in this region and I’m showing signs of a heavy duty winter virus. Who have I pissed off and how can I turn that around?

Nonetheless, the experience has reminded me how much I love and rely on sleep. The last few nights have been like some sick math formula for no sleep:  one part rampant coughing x 20 hours scratchy throat aches, divided by heavy duty heat and add three fuzzy, shedding animals and one snoring (I love you) partner = sleepless nights from hell.

I love sleeping. If I could get paid to nap professionally, I would. There is nothing more rewarding and necessary for me to function on a basic level to function. I get grumpy if I’m not in bed by 10 and feel like I have been thrown off a garbage truck if I wake up multiple times during the night. So these past few nights where I’m relying on about three hours sleep, my body has entered a state of strangeness, where I feel like I’m walking on clouds and carrying a truck of horses while I do it. That’s not the cough medicine talking either.

So what about you? What are some of your cures for sleepless nights brought about by sickness or just being uncomfortable? What are the strangest things you have experienced while going off a few hours of sleep? Are you one of those freakish people who can go on four hours of sleep and feel like a million bucks? How big of a factor is sleep in your life? What does sleep mean to you?

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My boyfriend’s building had an emergency alarm go off in the middle of the night on Friday/early Saturday, so that hampered my sleep some. That being said, I always have crappy sleep (usually with night sweats, though I’m not sure why). Sometimes I talk melatonin to help me *get* to sleep but it usually doesn’t impact the general sleep quality.

Not sleep-related, but… I need help with cooking stuff.

So I’m on Day 2 of Gluten-Free Week (it’s a challenge to myself, will make me cook more, and also going to see if it makes me feel better since my body has difficulty processing a lot of different foods. No allergy, but gluten is a common irritant.)

I am craving meatloaf.

Anyone have a good recipe for meatloaf that doesn’t use breadcrumbs? I know you can’t just leave them out because the meatloaf would fall apart (I’ve had structural integrity issues before when I didn’t have enough breadcrumbs. I know how sad it can be.)

Also, any recipes that include lots of vegetables (the one I’ve used in the past has one puree’d carrot… if I can get more veggies in there, awesome), that would be greatly appreciated.

Apparently you need both eggs and starch.

Oats are out, since I can’t eat those either (yaaaay ridiculous list of dietary restrictions!), but I have seen some recipes use either quinoa or mashed potato flakes. I am going to experiment tomorrow night.

I <3 sleeps, and naked naps.

I just had a lovely sleep after a day at a music festival, where The Flaming Lips did a serious stage show – WIN. And very soon I am going for brunch where someone will make me Eggs Florentine. NOM.

Whiny post ahead.

So I have my third race in as many weeks this morning, except that it’s 3:30 AM and I was just woken up by my body to confirm that hey, yep, I have a UTI as I had suspected yesterday. It has now declared itself. I think I might be especially prone to them from the way I’m built down there (thanks, anatomy!).

THIS SUCKS. There’s no way I’d get through the 3-4 hrs involved in getting there/pre-race/RUNNING THE DAMN THING/recovering and getting home, so instead I’ll be off to the walk-in clinic while my boyfriend goes and runs (and attemps to pick up my race kit for completion’s sake).

Time for me to get back on the cranberry pills, I guess. Either that or declare celibacy.

get the cranberry pills! Anecdote time: before I took them, I was getting minor UTIs every few weeks, and ones bad enough to need antibiotics (peeing blood, fever) about every 3 months – not fun. Now, I get very very minor ones, lasting a few hours, if I don’t take the pills for a few days or I haven’t drunk enough water: and taking the pills and lots of water cures those. So unbelievably worth it.

Hope you feel better very soon.

UTIs are the absolute worst, I’ve been freaky-outy about them since a couple of years ago when I tried the ‘if I ignore it, maybe it’ll go away’ tactic and nearly wound up in hospital. Woo. I can’t imagine getting them so often, though! You are a superstar to deal with that effectively.

Cran pills + me are gonna be BFFs.

I think either I’m anatomically odd or my system was harbouring some underlying bacterial infection that kept recurring – possibly both. But the cranberry pills are lifesavers. I don’t need to take them every day, just once every few days and it does the trick (mine also have Vit C and E in them, but whether that’s important or not I don’t know).

I know how you feel, I always get UTIs at the most inconvenient times, like when I have to travel. My go-to UTI remedy is a combination of bearberry tablets and garlic capsules. You know that painful, continuous urge to pee? The bearberry puts an end to that in just a couple of hours, so it’s great when you have SOMETHING TO DO other than go to the bathroom every ten minutes.

I am absolutely and totally dependent on sleep now that I have found it. I have struggled with insomnia since childhood. Now, I take a nightly sleep aid. When my Dr. told me it is safe for long term use I told her I want to take it the night before my dying day. Now that I know what its like to be able to go to sleep AND sleep the night through, I honestly don’t know how I survived before. And I couldn’t imagine ever giving it up. Sleep – it does a body good!

I am absolutely reliant on good sleep. I’m generally a seven-hour-a-night sleeper, but ten or more on the weekends (plus naps) is not unheard of for me. People sometimes think I’m joking when I say that my need for sleep is one of the (many) reasons I decided not to have kids, but after hearing so much about how parents are chronically sleep-deprived (and if they nap, it’s not on their own body’s schedule), I realized I wouldn’t be able to function, let alone parent, in that state.

I am totally with you on the I can’t have kids because I need sleep thing. In fact, my need for sleep is one of the reasons why I went into law instead of medicine. I saw my mom live on 5-10 minute naps for days at a time working at the hospital, and I cannot do that. I would definitely kill someone, probably on accident, but also maybe on purpose because I am not happy when I am sleep deprived.

But yeah, the lack of sleep thing is one of many reasons I am not totally sure I want to have kids, especially because I won’t be a stay at home mom and I can’t parent AND work without sleep.

I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in nearly three years (thanks, young son). Anyway, I sometimes find myself in the vicious cycle to too much caffeine, then not being able to sleep when the time presents itself.

Nyquil helps when I’m sick, and in general, melatonin really does help slow down my brain enough to get to sleep, and the bonus is that when young son does wake me up, I’m not groggy at all. It just takes the edge off enough to be able to drift off.

I’ve done bizarre things while sleep deprived, including putting baby formula in the coffee pot & rice drink in my coffee (ewww). There was one day where my boss sent me home to sleep after showing up to work nearly 30 minutes late and looking like a train wreck (raging ear infections in kids will do that to their parents). Ugh.

Sleep. I miss good sleep.

I think everything critical is saved somewhere now. Including my email list. I can’t get Thunderbird to export groups of addresses (I have Persephone People, Editors, Interns and PR Crap groups) but I made text files of all of them. I need to remember to update those as we add to them. I think I’ve effectively prevented another day like yesterday from happening again. And now that I’m back in the digital world, I’m going to start writing my fingers off to fill the unicorn folder, since I hardly wrote anything at all last week.

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