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That’s What You Get For Waking Up In This Open Thread

I apologize in advance for this week’s choice of Dance Party Open Thread song.  They play this on the overhead all the time at work and I find it really catchy.  I had been singing along and finally decided I should see who sings it and *gasp* it’s Katy Perry.  Sorry!  At least it’s better than “Firework”?

See you all in the comments!  And speaking of fireworks, maybe start by telling us if you have any plans for the Fourth (if you’re in the U.S., or even if you’re not)!

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I hate studying. But I seem to have to do a lot of it.
Help? I need a pandora station that will help me focus. Something melodic but mild, maybe common (anything new will peak my interest – that’s the wrong form of peak, whatever – and I’ll be unfocused again).

Why can’t I ever just sit still?!

eh, I guess one Katy Perry song won’t kill me.

It’s been a rather rough week for me. Got dumped on Sunday and have been struggling to pull it together since then. I should be working on finishing up my novel and editing but I just don’t have the energy. Told myself I was going to exercise this morning and ended up sitting in a chair with my cat in my lap staring into space. sigh

I like Katy Perry sometimes, too don’ttellanyone. I really like her TGIF song. Shhh.

This weekend I will be continuing my studying for the bar, but it’s also the weekend before my birthday, so I will probably go out to dinner with the boy, and then Monday we’ll go to my parent’s for the Fourth. Normally we do a huge family thing on the Fourth for the holiday and my birthday, but I just don’t care anymore. I wanted to go to a resort pool on Sunday, but my friends are either leaving on vacation or working, and every resort we (read: my boyfriend) calls requires a room booking for pool use, and now I just feel like it’s getting to be too ridiculous and I know that even if we go somewhere, like the hotel by my house that has a rooftop pool, I’ll just be thinking that I should be studying anyway. I’m just bummed because last year my boyfriend was in Greece on my birthday and I did NOTHING, and this year I’ll do NOTHING again, and I never get to have a birthday party! Waaaaaah. And so instead of letting my birthday party turn into a pity party, I’m just going to roll with it, and study, and then enjoy a nice dinner with my love and wear a pretty dress, and have a glass of wine, and then on my actual birthday, I will enjoy another nice dinner with my parents.

Ummm, your question was about the Fourth, though, so… um, going to my parent’s house. The end.

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