The No-Bake Dessert

Now that it’s hot outside, I’m craving cold things. Iced coffee in the morning, cold iced tea in the afternoon, and in the evening, a cold treat of some sort. Truth be told, I discovered the no-bake dessert genre years ago when I would look through cookbooks and online recipes sites for an easy dessert to bring to get togethers. I like the fame that bringing a good dessert can bring, but I dread the failure of a bad one.

I learned long ago that if it involves vanilla pudding, whipped topping and/or cream cheese, you really can’t mess it up, AND people will enjoy every luscious and creamy bite.

None of my favorites are original recipes, because while it’s hard to screw up the directions, I’ve yet to actually invent a no-bake dessert on my own.

My first “signature” dessert, one people have been asking me to bring for nearly ten years now, is Tiramisu Anacapri. It’s a lightened up, no-bake twist on an Italian classic. It involves instant coffee, cream cheese, vanilla pudding, and whipped topping – how could it possibly be bad?

Another pie I’m famous for bringing is Margarita Pie, which involves lime juice, sweetened condensed milk, and a crushed pretzel crust. It’s alcohol free, and it’s delightful.

Along the same lines is Icebox Key Lime Pie, which is more lime-focused than the margarita pie, and doesn’t involve the salty, crunchy crust.

All three of these recipes whip up easily, with ingredients that are easy to find. Clear some space in your refrigerator to let them set up properly, and get the heck out of your kitchen; it’s summertime, after all!

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