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This Is Just An Open Thread

I started a new big-league freelance job last week, and I’m only a third of the way through our book club selection, so this is an open thread to use however you’d like. 

For inspiration: MUPPETS!

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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MUPPETS! (if you couldn’t tell, I love them, they fill my heart with joy and glee)

So, I had another dream about James Franco. Why? No clue. But this time there was a cat involved. It was his cat? James and I were talking about it (him?) and he was telling me everything this cat has done – he’s just as ambitious as his owner it seems. So the cat, Deacon (yeah, my dream named him), has been in movies, commercials, posed for book covers, and does stunts (his own, ya’know). Where my mind comes up with this stuff I’ll never know. So then James tells me that my friend R is currently watching Deacon for him while he’s traveling. And I’m like “R knows You?! She did not tell me this!” And now, being awake, I still have this feeling that I need to talk to R about how she might know James Franco. She doesn’t but it’s just that feeling, it’s still there.
And what the hell. If I’m going to have dreams about James Franco I feel I should at least get to meet him. My mind is cruel.

Also, Deacon? Where did that come from. (he’s calico by the way, if you were wondering)

So, I just got an iphone for work – I’m an android user otherwise, so any recommendations of good (free or cheap) apps that you use and can’t do without?

I already have Tweetdeck and the iBooks one… probably shouldn’t put Angry Birds on a work phone!:)

Also, is anyone feeling advice-y? Is there any way to express concern about a friend’s reproductive choices without sounding like a terrible bitch?

I mostly have games on my Touch… I second the rec for Pandora, though. My phone is a Droid, and I’m mostly appless for it as well.

I think I’d need just a few more details on the advice part, but instinct says your best course of action is to be a good listener and solid support first, critical second.

Ok, more details: my friend had a baby earlier this year. She subsequently had to quit her job (as they reneged on their agreement to let her go part-time) and is setting up her own business. Her husband works shifts and they share baby care. Her husband wants to have another baby ASAP so they’re not using contraception… I think this is a bad idea cos (a) the baby is less than 6 months old (b) she’s setting up a business! (c) she had a c-section last time. I don’t think she knows that by trying for another baby so soon she lessens her chance of getting a care provider for a VBAC, and another section increases her risks for the future – she wants a big family. I just don’t sense any enthusiasm from her about another pregnancy so soon, and I don’t think she’s fully informed about the risks. I don’t want to bombard her with info but I don’t want her to find out when it’s too late:(

Yeah. I think I’ll say that it’s easy for him to say, but it’s for her to do the whole gestation/birth/breastfeeding process, so it’s really hers to call. I think I’ll also ask her if she’s talked to her doctor about it, and maybe offer the most factual least biased resources I can find about pregnancy after a c-section. Thanks.

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