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This Open Thread Makes Minimum Wage

Today’s music open thread features: songs that describe your job! Here is mine:

Do you all have any songs that describe your job?

By Luci Furious

There are no bad times, only good stories.

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There are very few songs relating to math, accounting or auditing…
I’m just going to listen to Marry The Night instead. :)

Also – ugh, I made a mistake in reading a policy and it affected a woman who is HEINOUS to work with. I need to correct the error but keep her temper down. If it was with any other client, this would be an easy fix but with her? I want someone else to fix this. Bypass me all together. (oh and today is the first day back from a nice, enjoyable vacation – good to that feeling…)

I have a Skype interview with a school (I’m doing Teach For America) on Friday and I need some advice on what to wear. I have a black blazer, a grey blazer, black slacks, two pairs of grey slacks, a couple black skirts, a couple patterned (but professional) skirts, and assorted blouses. However, the black blazer doesn’t quite match the black slacks or skirt and the grey blazer definitely doesn’t match either pair of grey slacks, but I can’t afford to go buy a suit right now.

Would it be better for me to pair the black blazer with black slacks/skirt and hope the lighting is bad so you can’t tell the blacks don’t match, pair the grey blazer (which is also much nicer than the black blazer) with the black slicks/skirt or patterned skirt, or pair the black blazer with one of the pairs of black slacks?

I agree with pileofmonkeys. If you are going to be sitting for the interview then worry more about your top half. You want a colored shirt under the blazer, nothing neutral. If you are standing to present, then the black bottom (pants or skirt) would look fine with the black blazer. But most of all, of reek confidence! So long as you look professional and carry yourself with confidence, the interviewer should see your positive attitude more than your clothes , especially over skype.

I agree with the others – grey blazer, brightly coloured top underneath. I don’t think a matching suit is a must when interviewing for a teaching position, as long as you look well put-together, and the different colours will look good together on skype. Too much black might overwhelm you. Good luck!!

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