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Trivia Answers: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Greek Mythology, But Were Afraid to Ask

As always, you guys are awesome. GwenBear and Maria are the clear winners, because they got them all, but maxandb gets an honorable mention for irreverence. Actually, looking back at all the answers, everybody gets an honorable mention for the Medusa question. You make me laugh.

1.  Who slew the Gorgon Medusa? ““ Perseus

2. Why was Medusa so ugly? ““ I was thinking of Ovid’s version when I asked: Poseidon raped Medusa in Athena’s temple, and Athena cursed her with terminal ugliness. (“Because apparently victim-blaming happened even in ancient Greece.” Thank you, Miss Maria.)

3. This guy was possibly the first recorded d-bag. He spurned the mountain-nymph Echo and instead got so wrapped up in looking at his own reflection that he wasted away and turned into a flower. ““ Narcissus

4.  This guy sailed on the Argo, traveled to the Underworld to bring his wife back to life but lost her at the last second when he turned to look, was torn apart be Maenads, and had his head thrown into the river Hebrus. The head eventually landed in Lesbos, where it doled out prophesies until Apollo got pissed and made him stop. ““ Orpheus

5.  Who captained the Argo? ““ Jason

6.  Which poor lady got “seduced” by Zeus, who then rewarded her by turning her into a beautiful white cow to hide her from Hera? ““ Io

7.  Can you name one of Hercules’ trials, other than cleaning out the Augean Stables? I think I always remember the stables because massive amounts of horse-poop make a big impression on young children. ““ The others were: slay the Nemean Lion, slay the Lernaean Hydra, capture the golden hind of Artemis, capture the Erymanthian Boar, slay the Stymphalian Crows, capture the Cretan Bull, steal the Mares of Diomedes, obtain the girdle of Hippolyta, obtain the cattle of Geryon, steal the golden apples of the Hesperides, and capture and bring back Cerberus (thank you, Wikipedia).

8.  Who was it who defeated the Minotaur with the help of Ariadne, who he then abandoned on the Isle of Naxos after she agreed to join the Maenads on a festival night and came home all covered with bits of torn up guy? ““ Theseus

9.  Who was the talented young weaver that was turned into a spider by Athena after a weaving contest? ““ Arachne

10.  Can you name a Muse? ““ Calliope, Clio, Erato, Euterpe, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia, and Urania (Thanks again, Wikipedia. I can only ever remember Terpsichore and Calliope).

11.  In one of the weirder stories I have read, this woman spent the night in Apollo’s temple, where snakes licked her ears clean so she could hear the whispers of the future. When she refused to become Apollo’s flavor of the week, he cursed her so that she would always prophesy truly but never be believed. ““ Cassandra

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Jason and the Argonauts, of course! And I should’ve known Cassandra, I just recently read a book with the main character named like that and saying something along the lines of “Just like my name sake, no one ever listens to me”.

I think it’s funny and annoying at the same time that you only realize that you know more than you thought you knew when you’re confronted with the knowledge (does that make sense?).

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