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Tuesday Fun Time and Open Thread: WTF Is That?

Tonight we will be trying something different.  I’ve played this game by a few different names, but I’m calling it “WTF Is That?”  I have some close-up photos of fairly common things, your job is to identify them.  For extra credit, can you guess where I was when I took all the pictures?














Now comment my lovelies!  Comment like the wind!

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8 replies on “Tuesday Fun Time and Open Thread: WTF Is That?”

I made myself not peek when this was pending so I could do this blind…
1. Mountain Dew, aka SaraFuel
2. Life cereal, or frosted Shredded Wheat
3. I’ve narrowed it down to a bagel, a doughnut or a grilled chicken thigh.
4. pizza
5. hummus or spready cheese
6. orange juice
7. pickle relish, aka Selena fuel. I don’t, you know, drink it. On sandwiches. All the sandwiches.
8. the inside of your fridge with the door closed?
9. strawberry daquiri? soap?

I really suck at this. I remember it being much easier in my youth.

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