What to Wear When You Just Don’t Care

I have never been much of an outfit planner. How I will look that day generally coalesces as I stand bleary-eyed, freshly showered, and angrily pre-coffee in front of my mess of a closet. Some days, I feel really awesome about taking on the world and embracing my full potential, so I carefully pick and choose between seersucker skirts, black slacks, and tight, dark denim. This post is about those other days ““ the days when, for whatever reason, I just can’t be arsed to care about what I’m going to wear.

Generally speaking, on those days, I really can let my lack of arse-itude guide my sartorial choices. This is one of the perks of not having any sort of dress code match or professionalism to aspire to. Who knew it could be so convenient to straight up not GAF. But I’ve started noticing that when I just don’t care about my outfit, there are a few pieces of clothing that I return to time after time, things that make me look effortlessly passable. Clean plain T-shirts, nice slacks or jeans, neutral colors, all that jazz works to make me feel like I’m really getting dressed, even though I’m not giving it much energy.

And I really need that. Sometimes, work, life, pets, the pursuit and maintenance of happiness and an optimistic outlook can really take a toll on a person. There are some days where my mental energy feels amazingly limited, and I don’t want to drain it with choices that are maybe mostly inconsequential. So in response, I have me a “Just DGAF Day” outfit that I bust out in times of trouble.

Step one ““ underpants and a my-flesh-tone bra. Not everyone is going to want or need these, but they’re crucial for me. The underpants are just on this list so I don’t forget them. The flesh-tone (my flesh tone) bra is here because once you leave the house wearing a pale yellow t-shirt and bright cobalt blue bra, you quickly learn the value of unobtrusive colors on days where checking the outfit in a mirror is not a priority.

Step two ““ Extremely comfortable but surprisingly nice-looking pants. For me, this is either a pair of quality jeans or this great stretchy pair of black slacks. Both of them make me feel like a blanket is hugging my legs. In a good way, mind you, not in an, “Ah! My bed is trying to eat me my feet are tangled!!” sort of way.

Step three ““ Clean V-neck T-shirt. I have these in so many colors and patterns, well, OK not patterns, I have them in a lot of stripes. With a neutral bottom, it doesn’t so much matter which shirt I pick so I grab whichever one’s closest. And! If I plan ahead with the bra, it doesn’t even matter if it is light yellow or white or whatever. Heaven knows, anything goes!

Step four ““ A cardigan. Just in case every business has the AC cranked up to 11. Like a Boy Scout, I always come prepared. It is a lot more casual than a jacket or some sort of thoughtful layers, but it’s easy to grab, and looks pretty OK almost all the time.

Step five ““ Flats. Some people feel best in heels, but for me, on days where I just DGAF, I have to go with flats. Sometimes, I choose a solid shoe, but I’d be lying if I pretended that 98% of the time, I didn’t go for my old Vans which are now falling apart at the heel. It’s a bit sloppy, but the rest of the outfit looks good, and let me remind you, today is the day that I just DGAF.

There it is. The simplest recipe for looking moderately presentable without having to put too much time, thought, effort, or planning into the gig. Other people will have different suggestions ““ maybe a pencil skirt instead of the slacks? Maybe a go-to button-up blouse up top? Why don’t you tell me? What about you? What’s the simplest, easiest, least energy and time consuming outfits you go to when you need to?

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I’m a student (first year of my MA done, woo!) so I don’t have to worry about looking professional just yet, and I live in a VERY hot AND humid country, so basically on the days I can’t be bothered I throw on my trusty jean mini and an oversize tee, with black sandals.
When it’s cooler, I add either leggings or wear jeans.
(I tend to dress like this when I do GAF as well – not sure what that says about me.)

Ya’ll. After reading the comments below, I realized I needed more DGAF dresses. So, I went to my trusty new fav site to see if any were part of the 50% off sale.
I found this!

(unfortunately, the comments on the dress say it’s not the best for C cups and larger, sorry.) :(

But, feel free to look around at others. I have bought a ton of stuff here for pretty dang cheap.

You’re welcome. :)

I have a double-layer jersey faux wrap dress. It’s a nice purple that’s almost a neutral. This is my standard uniform for days IDGAF. It goes with all my shoes and jewelry, and I have several cardigans to pair it with on cold days. I wish I had a dozen more.

When I taught, the district switched over to uniforms for the kids – nothing fussy, polo shirts and khaki or navy blue pants. A group of teachers in our building decided to join the kids, and I’ve never had more pleasant mornings in my life. As someone who went out of my way not to dress like my peers in my Wild Youth, I was surprised at how liberating it was not to have to pick.
Now that I’m a gadabout work-from-homer, it’s yoga pants, a tank top and a hoodie. Bra is rare, as are shoes. It’s like heaven. Freeboobing alone is almost worth paying 40% freelancer income tax.

That look is pretty much my uniform. I have a LARGE collection of striped long sleeve shirts too – those always seem to add an air of sophistication with minimal effort.

And you can usually find me in a tank top and cardigan. Like, right now. I’m wearing a super-soft cream tank with an oversized salmon cardigan. And a silver belt on top (+1 for style points). One choice accessory always seems to make it look like I thought about what I wanted to wear rather than just pulling shit together at 5:30am.

To make it EVEN EASIER to not GAF in the mornings, I buy most all my pieces of clothing to coordinate with each other. I have two color pallets and every morning I make one decision: Blue Pallet or Khaki Pallet. The rest is just ‘pull and put on.’

Now I’m just trying to arrange my closet so it’s more organized in this system. That would mean even LESS work in the mornings. :)

I have 2 uniforms, both optimized for IDGIFness:
(1) Massive cardigan, fitted cami/v-neck tee, dark skinny jeans, flats. If the cardi is a pretty color, the cami is neutral and vice versa, but I try not to do neutral/neutral to give the impression of some degree of effort. The truth is I have very specific favorite colors that all coordinate well, so I’m fine even if I grab whatever. My mama brainwashed me with Color Me Beautiful as a child (WINTER!), and I’m still not sorry.
(2) Cotton maxi dress, cute sandals, and a cardi if necessary. Spanx and a pretty necklace if I’m leaving the house, fuckitall levels of both if I’m not.

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