Why You Should Care About Weinergate

Do you ask your doctor if they dick around? What about your accountant? Your lawyer? Your boss? They’re all in positions of power and trust to you, but does what they do in their bedroom actually affect how they do their job? No. Generally, it doesn’t. You know when it does? When you sexually harass your employees or coworkers (like Clarence Thomas), especially teenage ones (like Mark Foley). When you make your career on denying rights to homosexuals and then engage in a homosexual pickup in an airport bathroom (like Larry Craig). When you use campaign donations to keep your out-of-wedlock child secret (like John Edwards). When you use state travel funds to carry on your long-distance affair (like Mark Sanford).  – Lumaegolightly

The fatigue from “Weinergate” has already set in. On Monday, Anthony Weiner tearfully confronted questions he had been tap dancing around (but we all knew what was coming with that “I-cannot-confirm-nor-deny” line) regarding his scandalous-not-so-scandalous bulge and topless photos. That evening, conservative pundits were calling for his resignation, and to most everyone’s relief, Weiner stated that he would not be resigning over what was clearly a “personal matter.” Wednesday announced forthcoming “explicit” photos and insinuated more women would be coming out of the woodwork, as the media, smelling fresh blood, jumped on every opportunity to speak with the women he contacted.

Of course the women in this situation have been seemingly aware of the media’s attempt to paint them as Tiger Woods-type mistresses, speaking in terms of how even though none of them have actually met Weiner, they feel the situation is being overblown and really should just be kept between the actual adults involved.

“I’ve seen myself labeled as the ‘Femme Fatale of Weinergate,’ ‘Anthony Weiner’s 21-year-old co-ed mistress,’ and ‘the self-proclaimed girlfriend of Anthony Weiner.’ … All of this is so outlandish that I don’t know whether to be pissed off or amused, quite frankly,” Genette Cordova, one of the women Weiner tweeted, wrote. Her lack of bullshit was a frank and refreshing turn of events, as she seemed weary of the way that “the women” were characterized.

Lisa Weiss, one of the other women that had developed a “sexting” (side note: I hate that word ) relationship with Weiner, issued an apology to Weiner’s wife this week and was quoted as saying, “I should have not been flirting with her husband. I had a crush on him. It doesn’t make him a bad politician, it just makes him a bad husband.” In the great words of Yeezy:

She finds this picture in my e-mail, I sent a bitch a picture of my dick, I don’t know what it is with females, but I ain’t too good at that shit ““ Kayne West

The whole thing, of course, is a reflection of how ridiculous our own political system is set up. The fact that the threat of resignation is greater over what your dick does on your own time, as opposed to what your Dick does on federal time is enough to make one rethink what the actual concerns of politicians are (and what a convenient distraction from the fact that this was passed on the very same day). The legacy of male politicians having covert affairs busted is a long and, frankly, not surprising one. It tends to get a little stale when the media, the same media that seems to support this nonsense, calls for a full-on flagellation when people are only caught and seems to have no interest in covering shit that actually matters.


Unfurl your lip, I'm over it guys. Image courtesy of cityroom.blogs.nytimes

Weiner is one of the most liberal democrats in New York State, one of the few fighting hard for reproductive rights, as well as healthcare benefits for 9/11 workers. By no means is he a pushover, a lesson other Democrats who wring their hands over “fairness” really need to take a lesson from. While the entire thing is embarrassing, it’s really not our business who Weiner shows his weiner too. What does become our business is how politicians, specifically conservative politicians, will be pressuring Weiner to either resign or using his indiscretions to discredit him as a politician. This, while entirely cheap, is not like an exceptional move on the behalf of getting votes and most certainly is not something that wouldn’t sway the votes of the masses. This is why we should be pissed and not just at Weiner but the conservatives who push this bullshit and the media that eats it up. That is the fallout for everyone else – the political maneuvering to use Weiner’s personal jollies to gain traction for a conservative agenda.

So while despite what you may personally think about the whole incident, our personal judgment on the matter really means slim to none in the larger scheme of things. I would imagine that Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s closest aide, Weiner’s wife of 11 months and soon to be mother of their child, might not be too pleased, but that’s also guessing that I know anything about the terms of their own relationship. One does have to hand it to her for not appearing by Weiner’s side at the time of his confession, an absence that is refreshing to the “stand by your man” tradition of political wives grinning and bearing it for their husband’s fuck-ups. While the embarrassment happens now, it’s the discrediting of Weiner’s accomplishments and a push to get rid of him as a politician that comes next. Who are they aiming to put in that position?

Because while lying to the public about where your dick goes might be shady (but frankly, not my business unless you’re using my money), lying to the public about actual matters that concern public welfare seems like it should be higher up on the list.

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It’s a huge fall from grace for a politician that I and a lot of other people really looked up to. He has been a white knight of reproductive and other rights for some time now.

I don’t care that he took pictures of his dick and sent them to people, or that he was carrying on these tres scandalous ”online flirtations”, especially considering that three years ago, he wasn’t married. What I DO care about is the fact that it really looks as though he’s a sexual harasser who sends pictures of his cock to women he doesn’t know, who have NOT explicitly asked to see that goods. It causes a great deal of cognitive dissonance for me that someone who is/was such a great ally to the ladies could be such a creeper.

love this article, thanks coco. had been hoping PM would weigh in on Weiner, and I’m glad you found a fresh way in. I’ve been noting how annoyed the women seem as well, and I think it’s great instead of just accepting these ‘mistress” labels.

Also, I would love to see more newsy takes on current events like this on PM.

Also, I really, really admire Huma Abedin–and have long before this nonsense. I am doubly disgusted on her behalf.

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