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Welcome back to the Euro News. This week we have an update on the E. coli outbreak in parts of Europe, Portugal has a new government, Denmark offers the best work-life balance in the world, and more.

Croatia: On the way to the EU

Croatia is slowly getting closer and closer to being the latest new member of the EU. Many of the negotiations have already been finished ““ only talks about four subjects remain. Hungary, who currently is holding the EU presidency, is confident that the last talks will be finished up by July, and it is expected that the country will be able to join in 2013. Read more.

Denmark: Best place for work-life balance in the world

I guess I can confirm this. It’s rare that I’m stuck in the office till late. My job pays 10 hours with a therapist or physiotherapist per year if I should need it, because they want me to be happy and healthy. In my contract it says that I can take paid sick days, when my kid (if I had one) gets sick. And no, I did not have to negotiate any of this. For the last couple of days, my boss left early to watch his son’s football (soccer) games. This is not necessarily how things are in other places. Read more.

Denmark: The left parties want to separate church and state in case of an election win

No. Church and state are not separated in Denmark. The Lutheran Protestant People’s Church is based in the constitution. There is a Church Minister. And obviously, no matter what, some of your tax money will always go towards the church. This, however, might be changed by the Social Democrats and their allies, if they win the upcoming election this year. Read more.

Germany: After the cucumbers, is it now the sprouts?

Germany is currently being critizised for bad crisis management from all sides. The EU tells the Germans to be more careful when announcing news in the E. coli case, after tonnes of cucumbers, tomatoes and salads had to be shredded and farmers lost millions of Euros. And now, the latest suspect, bean sprouts, are maybe not the source for the outbreak either, as now proof has been found on the suspected farm. The EU has since decided on a 150m Euro help package for farmers. Read more here and here.

Norway/Russia: After decades of talks, the countries agree on oil deal

The Barents Sea is rich in oil reserves and therefore a valuable piece of territory. Norway and Russia have been discussing for a long time about how to split up the Barents Sea ““ and the potential economic benefits coming with that. Read more.

Portugal: A move to the right after elections

With José Sócrates and his Social Democrats losing the election in Portugal, only four out of the EU’s 27 member states still have Social Democrat heads of state. Portugal has, just as Greece, been deeply hit by the financial crisis and the country now suffers under heavy austerity measures after receiving a bailout package from the EU. Read more.



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