93 Dead in Oslo, Norway Bombing

The phrase “unspeakable tragedy” doesn’t do the events that unfolded this weekend in Oslo justice. 

Rather than offer a rundown of the news that’s been released, or try to put words to a situation I can barely comprehend, let alone write about cohesively, I thought we’d take a moment this afternoon to think of the victims and their families.


By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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What has struck me the most about this tragedy is what’s coming from so many of the Norwegian people: grief, certainly; shock, absolutely; but also compassion, and strength, and reaching out to the victims’ families with love. Not vengeance or retribution. I’m sure those things are there, but in this, the attention from the country’s people seems to be on the victims, not the perpetrator. I wish the same could be said for the world’s media.

My heart goes out to the Norwegian people, and to the families of those killed in the attacks. It seems in some American media outlets, they have been forgotten. I still can’t wrap my head around what happened, and heaven knows what the aftermath will be in the long run for those families.

The initial reaction to the attacks by U.S. writers is truly appalling in this regard. Rather than focusing on the tragedy these attacks have unleashed, rather than highlighting how the lives of many people were abruptly ended, some were quick to somehow place blame on Muslims and as justification to condemn President Obama’s plan to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. The persistent islamaphobia of people who already have a visible platform on which to spout their ignorant views disgusts me.

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